September 2000, Amsterdam - Projects - Luxemburg

Ben Thuy (14)
School: Lycee de Gardens Luxembourg
Hobbies: music (percussion, clarinette) Paleontology, Biology
Career intention: Paleontologist

The Diplopodia sea urchin from the Luxembourg Jurassic formation
I have been interested in fossils since I was very young and I would very much like to discover a petrified coral reef with its fauna. Through my work, I wanted to determine the scientific name of sea urchins that I have found in the middle Jurassic formation of Rumelange (L). Further on I analysed fossils of these specific sea urchins, but also of recent sea urchins in order to find out more about their habits and their habitat. I discovered that the scientific name of these sea urchins is Diplopodia cfr. Subangularis. They lived in the tropical and shallow Jurassic sea of Rumelange and preferred areas of coral reefs with a strong current. Their food consisted mainly of seaweed, sponges, worms, all of which grew on coral reefs. The main enemies of the Diplopodia sea urchins were different kinds of starfish, snails and fish .