Young Scientists contest - Jury - How the Jury works

1. Each Jury member awards each project a preliminary mark in the following categories:
α: excellent project
β: very good project - which could be improved in certain minor respects
γ: generally good project - which could be improved in certain areas
δ: average or poor project - which contains definite weaknesses

2. At the beginning of the EU Contest, the President will contact each of the other Members of the Jury, who notify the President of the preliminary marks they have awarded to each project. The President draws up a preliminary assessment list.

3. At the EU Contest, the Members of the Jury have a first meeting to review the preliminary assessment list marks. After discussion, the President of the Jury decides which Members of the Jury should visit which projects at the Science exhibition. The Jury ensures that each project exhibit is visited by at least 3 members of the Jury for interviews. Detailed discussions with all the contestants involved takes place during Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. If necessary, the President shall arrange a timetable.

4. Based on the results of these interviews the Jury may amend the preliminary assessment list. The Jury shall award the monetary prizes and decide whether any Honorary and/or Donated Prizes should be awarded. The Jury reaches its decisions based on consensus.

5. The list of prize winners, recipients of the Honorary and Donated Prizes (if any) is drawn up and signed by the President on behalf of the Jury. The Jury secretary makes arrangements for the official announcement and for the Award Ceremony to take place.

The President of the Jury gives an overview of the Contest at the Award Ceremony. The President of the Jury may at any time inform the Commission where, in the opinion of the Jury, any of the following is apparent: (i) contestants are estimated to have received undue assistance from experts; (ii) contestants have had undue privileged access to resources; or (iii) the contestants have clearly plagiarized ideas from others. In such a case, the Commission will withdraw the project from the competition. And even after the event demand if necessary, the return of any prize monies

The decision of the Jury is final.