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Stockholm , 12-18 August 2007

Sessions organised by the European Commission

14th August Morning Seminar

Programme (PDF 32 KB)

Networking and Twinning Initiatives to Improve the Uptake of Research Results at the Local Level – Consolidating the EUWI Research Component

Convenor: European Commission (EC)

Research is one of the components of the EU Water Ini­tiative (EUWI), launched at the 2002 World Summit for Sustainable Development. Its aim is to promote mobili­sation and partnership among scientists, policy-makers, non-governmental and private actors in Europe and other regions of the world in view of achieving the Millennium Development Goals.

The objective of this session is to take stock and present relevant results obtained by research under the Sixth Frame­work Programme, promote synergies between research funded by the European Commission and Member States and establish effective mechanisms and best practices re­garding knowledge sharing, communication and capacity building in the context of Integrated Water Resources Management in Europe and Third Countries. Particular focus will be on coordination and twinning activities that aim at bringing together researchers, policy-makers and civil society from all regions of the world, in view of helping bridge the gap between science and policy, strengthening communication and uptake of research results in local contexts and promoting participatory approaches and in­novative alliances.

14th August Evening Side Events

European Member States’ Harmonised Approach to Water and Sanitation Research – Helping to Alleviate Poverty and Promote Sustainable Development

Convenor: EUWI-ERA-NET Consortium

Research on water for developing countries has often been funded by donors supporting projects in specific countries, sometimes leading to an unnecessary duplication of efforts, without appropriate local participation. This event explains how EUWI-ERA-NET will promote partnership align­ment and build capacity, by improving the effectiveness of EU member state funded research on water for develop­ment through better coordination and communication of research activities, leading to future collaborative research programmes. The EUWI-ERA-NET event will describe its approach and promote discussion, comments and engage­ment on the proposed activities, including views on how to prioritise actions both at a regional and national level.

14th August Afternoon Seminar
16th August Afternoon Seminar

EU Water Initiative Partners Meeting – Multistakeholder Forum Part 1 and 2

Convenor: European Commission with support from the Swedish Water House Afternoon Seminar

The EU Water Initiative (EUWI), launched at the 2002 World Summit on Sustainable Development, is a concerted effort of the European Commission, the EU Member States, partner countries and other stakeholders including civil society organisations, the private sector and local government organisations, to work together to contribute to achieving the MDGs. The EUR 500 million European Union – African, Caribbean and Pacifi c States (EU-ACP) Water Facility is a response to one objective of the EUWI, to catalyse additional funding and to work directly with those concerned by short ages of water and the absence of sanitation. The annual EUWI Multistakeholder Forum, organised by the European Commission, will consist of two half-day ses sions to review progress during 2006; consider the independent Review of the EUWI undertaken in 2006/7; discuss and en dorse proposals on changes to the organisational structure and overall strategy that will lead to more effective implementation of the EUWI at the regional level; and present results and lessons from the Water Facility. The fi rst half-day session will take place on Tuesday afternoon, August 14, and the second session on Thursday afternoon, August 16.

For more info consult the World Water Week website: