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Stockholm , 12-18 August 2007

The aim of the World Water Week in Stockholm is to serve, on an annual basis, as the main arena for an exchange of views and experiences between members of the scienti fi c, business, policy and civil society communities in order to advance efforts related to water, the environment, livelihoods and poverty reduction. As such it offers a forum for discussing advancements on a global scale to the Millenium Development Goals and the objectives set at the World Summit on Sustainable Development on Water and Sanitation.

The World Water Week in Stockholm represents the opportunity for the EU Water Initiative (EUWI) to held yearly the EUWI Multistakeholder Forum.

This year in addition to the Multistakeholder Forum there will be specific EUWI research events aimed at bridging the gap between science and policy in Integrated Water Resources Management.

Further information on EUWI events at the World Water Week

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