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EU Water Initiative - WATER for Life

Brussels, 30th June - 1st July 2003

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Over 100 water experts and stakeholders met in Brussels for a two days workshop in order to discuss open research issues on scenarios of water demand and availability at regional scales. The workshop gave the opportunity to:

  • Make the point on what is going on in Europe on topics which are related to: "Methodologies for Integrated Water Resources Management and Transboundary Issues"; "Water Scenarios for Europe and neighbouring countries" and "New Approaches to Water Stress"; where relevant water research projects have been funded by the EU.
  • Discuss possible scenarios on a 25-50 years scale taking especially into account Europe and neighbouring countries (from Mediterranean to Central Asia including Russia and all NIS).
  • Connect different research communities which could co-operate in future research activities as well as favour synergies and avoid overlaps in the preparation of future project proposals.

Abstracts, presentations and conclusions will be available on this page very soon:

  • Abstracts - European Water Scenarios: from the Mediterranean Sea to Central Asia
    State of the art and perspectives (pdf file logo: 504 kB)

You can also access to the public forum hosting relevant information and documents related to the activities of the Key Action "Sustainable Management and Quality of Water" within the Environment and Sustainable Management Programme