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Safety and security

In its White Paper Roadmap to a single European transport Areaexternal link (2011), the European Commission sets an ambitious target in terms of safety and security of the maritime transport: "EU should be a world leader in safety and security". In order to achieve those ambitions, research efforts play a central role.

Research priorities

  • Safer vessels, through:
    • Improved design based on integrated risk analysis
    • Crashworthy vessel design
    • Risk-based approaches to situations of fire, grounding, etc.
    • Design of vessels for operations under extreme conditions
  • Safety of ships in operation, through:
    • ICT-based operation procedures
    • Development of integrated Decision Support Systems
    • Safety support systems for seafarers and navigation systems
  • Rescue operations and appliances
  • Inspection and maintenance
    • Development of robotic solutions for improved inspections
  • Secure vessels