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The Ocean of Tomorrow

The Ocean of Tomorrow joint callsexternal link respond to one of the objectives set in the European Strategy for Marine and Maritime Research external link: integrating knowledge and performing cross cutting research to tackle challenges in ocean management.

Research projects gathering expertise and knowledge from scientific disciplines such as transport, environment, fisheries, aquaculture, energy, nanotechnologies and ICT are funded with the aim of making most of the sea potential, while protecting the marine environment. Transport research for the Ocean of Tomorrow supports the development of innovative and sustainable technologies and services in support to sea-based activities.

Research priorities

  • Adaptation to new challenges linked to climate change, e.g. new navigation routes in the Arctic, exploitation of Arctic resources, environmental impact and prospective mitigations linked to new activities
  • Mitigation of transport impact on the environment
  • Development of innovative exploration vessels for coastal environmental protection
  • Development of innovative transport services for sustainable offshore activities (energy production, resources extraction, fisheries, aquaculture based on offshore multi-use platforms)
  • Innovative technologies for the support of novel maritime activities (such as onboard sensors)