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How 20 years of EU research cleaned up the internal combustion engine, and made it drive better
More efficient - less polluting

Tags: Greening of transport, Multimodal, Road, Water, Rail

Twenty years of research, from the Third Framework Programme for Research (FP3) to the Seventh (FP7), have been devoted to helping the EU meet emissions targets, both for noxious substances and greenhouse gases. Dealing with everything from new exhaust after treatment systems for passenger cars to alternative fuels and the challenges surrounding greening heavy commercial vehicles, this brochure provides a detailed overview of this journey and of the various EU-funded projects that continue to contribute to this effort.

Combining efficiency and reliability with sustainability is a major priority of the EU’s transport policy, and when it comes to the internal combustion engine the EU has been at the forefront of efforts to clean it up and make it fuel efficient. As awareness grew of the devastating effects emissions from the transport sector have on the environment, so too did innovation in combustion engine and power train technologies.