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  • Innovation for our future mobility
    Published on: 12/06/2012
    The Transport Directorate of the European Commission's DG for Research and Innovation strives to support excellent European research projects in the field of transport: projects that contribute to a cleaner, safer and smarter pan-European transport system and to a more competitive European continent. To this end, a budget of €4.16 billion is reserved under the Seventh Framework Programme for Research (FP7, from 2007-2013). The research funded ranges from wholly novel approaches to transport, to ...
  • How 20 years of EU research cleaned up the internal combustion engine, and made it drive better
    Published on: 28/03/2012
    Twenty years of research, from the Third Framework Programme for Research (FP3) to the Seventh (FP7), have been devoted to helping the EU meet emissions targets, both for noxious substances and greenhouse gases. Dealing with everything from new exhaust after treatment systems for passenger cars to alternative fuels and the challenges surrounding greening heavy commercial vehicles, this brochure provides a detailed overview of this journey and of the various EU-funded projects that continue to co...
  • Tips for project coordinators
    Published on: 09/03/2012
    Communication, dissemination and exploitation — a team working on an FP7 project is called upon to take part in various activities that will bring their research to the attention of as many relevant people as possible. With a little creativity, strategic communication efforts can help publicise your work in such a way that you will profit: through new business opportunities, a larger network or increased awareness about your work. This short guide will help you attain just that. You will be give...
  • What the European Commission is funding: all project synopses
    Published on: 16/12/2011
    Projects from recent calls may not yet be available in print, but can be found online on Cordis. FP7 (2007 - 2013) Sustainable surface transport research Provides information on more than 100 projects which were selected in the first two FP7 Calls in the field of sustainable surface transport (2007 and 2008). Aeronautics and air transport research - volume 2 Provides information on more than 65 projects which were selected in the FP7 Calls in the field of aeronautics and air transport in 2010 an...
  • Linking research and standardization
    Published on: 15/11/2011
    In many EU calls for research and innovation projects, standardization is identified as a key activity, deliverable or targeted outcome of future projects. With this publication, the CEN and CENELEC committees for standardization have published a handbook to guide researchers through the standardization process and provide support in linking standardization with research.
  • Innovation for resource efficiency
    Published on: 05/09/2011
    This publication showcases EU-funded projects and their concrete solutions for a more efficient use of resources. In the field of transport research it includes information on research into reducing resource waste in manufacturing, cleaner ships coated in air, alternative fuels for planes, recycling of asphalt and reducing dependency on rare earth materials.
  • Transport Work Programme 2012
    Published on: 22/06/2011
    The Work Programme 2012 outlines the funding priorities for transport research under the FP7 programme for the year 2012. The main focus is on eco-innovation, safe and seamless mobility, and competitiveness through innovation. Calls for research proposals that are in line with this Programme have been launched on 20 July 2011. Researchers, universities, SMEs, large companies and research institutes are welcome to submit their proposals up to 1 December 2011.
  • Sustainable surface transport research synopsis
    Published on: 10/06/2011
    The aim of this publication is to provide information on more than 100 projects which were selected in the first two FP7 Calls in the field of sustainable surface transport. The background, objectives, description of work and expected results of each project are described. The contact details of the project coordinators and the partnerships are also given. Comprehensive index lists by technical discipline, acronym, partner and instrument are also provided to facilitate your search...
  • On track to a sustainable future
    Published on: 24/01/2011
    Improving rail transport is a priority for the European Union. This brochure offers a snapshot of European rail research activities. It explains how the results of EU-funded projects are helping to exploit rail transport's inherent benefits as an environmentally friendly and safe mode of transport. It provides information on the challenges faced by rail transport and outlines the European Union's response in terms of policy and research goals. Projects profiled cover all aspects of rail research...
  • First progresses in FP7
    Published on: 10/06/2008
  • FP7 Sustainable Surface Transport
    Published on: 01/04/2008
  • Four posters for sustainable transport
    Published on: 15/10/2007
  • Poster on sustainable rail transport
    Published on: 15/10/2007
  • 1998 - 2002 project synopses
    Published on: 01/02/2007
    The Land transport and marine technologies project synopses represent the state-of-the art in surface transport research under the European Commission’s Competitive and Sustainable Growth Programme. Grouped by sector and technological area, projects and other research actions are detailed as to objectives, methodologies and results. Administrative information is also provided and a comprehensive partner index lists all Growth Programme participants.
  • Advisory Group Report SSTAG
    Published on: 01/09/2006
  • Europe on the move
    Published on: 01/01/2006
    Information Folder Containing 5 Thematic Factssheets and 32 Projects' Factsheets