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Enhancing Public Awareness on the Results of European Research Actions on Climate-Friendly Transport Systems through the Professional Use of Television Media

State of the Art - Background

EU-funded research on climate-friendly transport systems encompasses a large variety of RTD issues relevant for society at large. The general public is however largely unaware of the activities and of the benefits which may derive from the exploitation of the results. The communication from the European research is generally not sufficiently appealing or comprehensible to the general public. Raising public awareness is, therefore, a priority for the Transport Theme, and the easiest and most efficient way to achieve this is to use broadcast media.

Unfortunately, audiovisuals are not the preferred dissemination route for most projects as these projects generally target more restricted audiences, their communication is mostly unsuitable for public broadcasting and rarely reaches a large audience.

Against this background the project aims at enhancing public awareness on the results of European research actions on climate-friendly transport systems through the use of television media by addressing the target audience of national and regional TV stations in all 27 EU countries, reached through direct dissemination and via the European Broadcasting Union; the general public, through TV programmes; young people and students, through TV programmes and the Internet; the transport stakeholders' chain, including public institutions and industry players; the Commission services.


The strategic objective of GREENTRANSPORT-TV is to contribute to the development of public awareness regarding European research on greening transport in all European countries through the professional use of television media. This is achieved through the exploitation and customisation of an acknowledged innovative television media communication model, based on the platform ( In particular, GREENTRANSPORT-TV aims to:

- highlight the key results from the Greening Transport research in the Sixth and Seventh Framework Programmes (FP6 and 7);

- create a series of 12 high-quality, free-of-rights video news releases (VNRs) for the general public;

- include all 12 released VNRs into the broadcasting mainstream of the European television stations by implementing a consolidated communication model involving all the national European television media;

- establish a sound science-based dialogue on Greening Transport issues, by introducing all released VNRs and the associated written materials (articles, press releases, etc.) into a series of highly referenced Internet platforms;

- monitor the results of the project and measure its achievements and success by assessing the overall impact of the project and collecting actual broadcasts made by European television stations.

Description of Work

The work carried out in GREENTRANSPORT-TV includes:

- identifying the Greening Transport key results in FP6 and FP7 by transforming the technical content of the projects into information suitable for communication to the general public. The project acts as a 'story seeker' for the TV media and delivers a series of 'supporting stories' for journalistic use;

- producing 12 original TV-quality VNRs. The VNR production process includes the realisation and delivery of short footage (8 to 12 minutes duration, supported by dope sheets, suggested voiceover and other supporting information);

- guaranteeing access of VNRs to main TV distribution gateways in Europe, to television channels, to the web and to institutions. Broadcasting potential is maximised by the exploitation of various channels, including: direct communication with the TV stations; the Eurovision department of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU); Internet resources for TV media journalists, public Internet resources for the transport community; institutional communication channels managed by the European Commission;

- tracking all audiovisual and web distribution, measuring it against a number of defined metrics and assessing the impact of the project on the European media and the capacity for establishing an open dialogue among relevant stakeholders.

Expected Results

The project will impact various audiences:

- the public at large from watching television;

- TV and media professionals, including editors, journalists and producers coming across the GREENTRANSPORT-TV media products;

- online communities: the project output will go online through access to various Internet media portals and specialised thematic online services managed by iCons and Ansaldo STS;

- stakeholders of the domain at large: industry, research institutions, public organisations, policy-makers.

Two main measures constitute the basis for evaluating the success of the distribution to television stations and consequent broadcastings: the number of broadcastings on European TV stations and the number of visits generated by the website and by other involved platforms.

In addition, the efficacy of the proposed action outside the television media domain will be measured through web monitoring, as the science-based dialogue from the project will be mostly created over the Internet. The project will collect structured quantitative and qualitative feedback from all the websites directly managed by the Consortium, namely: and (a mirror site on Youtube). Finally, the project will bring specific impacts aimed to the Commission Services by creating consensus among project's stakeholders.