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Support to Eighth European Conference on Turbomachinery - Fluid dynamics and thermodynamics, Graz, March 2009

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State of the Art - Background

Following the previous seven successful European Turbomachinery Conferences (ETCs) in Erlangen (DE), 1995, Antwerp (BE) in 1997, London (UK) in 1999, Florence (IT) in 2001, Prague (CZ) in 2003, Lille (FR) in 2005 and Athens (EL) in 2007, the ETC Committee has decided to hold the 2009 Conference in Graz (AT). The ETC-8 Conference is of primary interest to researchers, design engineers, users of turbomachinery components, as well as to students and PhD candidates, allowing them to present and discuss their most recent scientific results.

EUROTURBO 8 is intended to be a primary driver for technology transfer across Europe in this field through the presentation of the latest developments and best practices. It is also intended to enhance knowledge transfer among senior scientists working at the edge of turbomachinery technology, in the attempt to further enhance the actual designs and concepts, and all users who intend to benefit from its progress.

This conference is also seen as an integrating element between Western and Eastern European countries, and as an additional means to foster collaboration in turbomachinery research at a European level. In addition, it is an ideal forum to relate and disseminate the results of research projects funded by the European Commission and therefore benefits from the support by the Commission.


This action supports the organisation of the Eighth European Conference on Turbomachinery - Fluid dynamics and thermodynamics, Graz, 23-27 March 2009. The EC support allows to propose reduced fees for students from all over Europe, for all participants from the newly integrated countries and those to be integrated in the future in the European Union. This makes this conference a prime event for European integration in the field of turbomachinery.

Compared to the previous successful conferences, EUROTURBO 8 intends to improve its impact further by the following measures:

1. Dissemination of the newest turbomachinery knowledge;

2. First actions for the harmonisation of disseminating scientific knowledge in the field of aeronautics in co-operation with other European associations (ERCOFTAC, ECCOMAS, CEAS, EUCAS and EUROMECH);

3. Admittance of a Russian turbomachinery expert as a member of the European Turbomachinery Committee in order to increase the visibility in Russia and enhance co-operation;

4. Additional dissemination of the 'Call for Papers' using the National Contact Points from the EU to increase the conference's visibility which resulted in attracting additional abstracts.

5. Special efforts to secure the dissemination in countries which do not have a representative in the organising committee.

Description of Work

In order to organise a successful conference and achieve all the goals mentioned above, the following preparatory work was done:

- publication of conference call and final conference programme;

- advertising the conference;

- seeking conference support from industries and associations;

- maintaining the conference website;

- collecting abstracts and performing an evaluation process;

- collecting draft and final papers;

- organising the paper review process;

- making contact with authors and review organisers;

- organising the conference venue;

- launching a conference website (;

- employing a conference secretary;

- organising the welcome reception and gala dinner;

- layout and printing of the conference proceedings;

- printing of conference CDs;

- organising facility tours;

- regular board meetings;

- online publication of papers for free download.

Expected Results

The conference organisation, as well as the handling of the submitted abstracts and papers, worked very well, so that all goals and deadlines were achieved.

- 281 abstracts were submitted to the conference; 256 were accepted which corresponds to 94%;

- 156 papers were submitted for review;

- 48 review organisers under the guidance of the review organiser (partner 3) arranged for 468 reviews;

- 126 papers were finally accepted for the conference which corresponds to an acceptance rate of 81%. This high number of papers also means an increase of 12% compared to the last ETC conference in Athens, Greece;

- 13 papers, 8% of the submitted papers, were suggested for journal publication.

The papers were published in the conference proceedings (ISBN 978-3-85125-036-7) as well as on a CD-Rom, a copy of which was given to each attendee of the conference. Over the next months the papers will be published on the ETC website for free download to increase the dissemination of the scientific results.

The conference took place at the auditorium of the University of Graz. Four lectures were given by representatives from industry, one at the beginning of each day. The conference was divided into two or three parallel sessions in order to accommodate the total number of selected papers.

Four exhibitors presented their products during the conference meeting hours.

Title page of the Call for Papers published in January 2008
Title page of the Call for Papers published in January 2008