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European Collaborative Dissemination of Aeronautical Research and Applications

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State of the Art - Background

In the green paper 'The European Research Area: New perspectives', the European Commission recognizes that a fragmentation of the ERA still exists, preventing Europe from fulfilling its research and innovation potential. In particular, effective knowledge-sharing should be achieved at European level.

In the field of aeronautics and air transport, there are many initiatives at European level undertaking the dissemination of scientific knowledge in the different relevant disciplines. Different associations are active with different formats of events such as large conferences, moderate size thematic conferences, symposia, workshops, short courses, etc. In addition to presentations in events, the knowledge is further disseminated under the form of journal publications, proceedings, etc. More and more publications are now electronic which gives them a large potential for easy distribution and allows the use of electronic search facilities.

For this reason, six organisations active in this field (ECCOMAS, the coordinator, CEAS, ERCOFTAC, EUCASS, EUROMECH and EUROTURBO) have decided to unify forces in order to increase their effectiveness. The main objective is harmonizing their activities in the field of aeronautical research.


The main objectives of E-CAERO are to:

- reinforce the network of participating organisations by promoting inter-organisational co-operation;

- identify and promote best practices;

- significantly improve the industrial end-users participation in the actions programmed by the member organisations;

- start a new collaborative work culture between the associations.

This intangible benefit is a real necessity in this sector and will result in a much more efficient dissemination of the European research in this field. Eventually, this may lead to the creation of a legal entity that merges the partners' aeronautical interests.

Description of Work

The objectives will be achieved by activities carried out within the five interactive technical Work Packages (WPs). These work packages are the following:

- WP1. Overall Management, technical coordination and specifications;

- WP2: Identification of overlaps and complementaries, both thematic and organisational;

- WP3: New collaborative dissemination tools;

- WP4: New single and clustered events as harmonized dissemination demonstrators: Short Courses, Thematic Conferences, Workshops, etc.;

- WP5: Evaluation of harmonized collaborative dissemination and recommendations and guidelines.

E-CAERO proposes a number of joint activities which together represent a systematic endeavour to improve the coordination among the participating organisations and promote deeper co-operation.

An initial step is carrying out a systematic survey in order to construct a detailed picture of the different structures, methodologies, priorities and resources of the participating organisations. The information provided by this survey will have a direct effect on the quality of the events organised.

The E-CAERO activities also aim to establish sustainable contacts and communication between the member associations, the partners and the European Commission. It is through these contacts that the actions undertaken by the participating organisations will become more efficient.

It is also important to improve the interaction with industry, and surveying industrial participants to best appreciate their needs. Organising high quality events is also aiming at attracting industrial participation.

Expected Results

E-CAERO is expected to improve the collaborative dissemination of aeronautical and turbomachinery research in Europe and thus, increase the efficiency and competitiveness of the European aeronautics industry. The clustering of the different associations in the dissemination of their activities and outcomes is expected to produce a transversal diffusion of the information and knowledge, resulting in a better understanding of techniques, experimental knowledge and simulation tools.

Scientific and technical outputs:

a) The E-CAERO web page used to jointly disseminate the activities of the partner associations concerning aeronautical research and providing a unique overview on the calendar of dissemination events in Europe;

b) A web-based E-CAERO repository for publications, possibly including items as proceedings, benchmark tests and experimental results;

c) A conference management IT tool adapted to the needs of the partner associations. This tool is intended to be used in the jointly organized events that will be the project demonstrators;

d) Harmonization and increased visibility of the dissemination events organized jointly;

e) New collaboration culture bewteen the associations.

Logos of the six partners
Logos of the six partners