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CREating innovative Air transport Technologies for Europe

State of the Art - Background

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The CREATE project originates from the expressed need for air transport to look for potential developments that could initiate step changes and breakthrough technologies. In order to reach the ACARE Goals set for 2020, revolutionary concepts are necessary to meet these ambitious targets.

Based on this analysis, the Out of the Box project, the predecessor of the CREATE project, was designed to collect creative and novel ideas that could lead to step changes and then evaluate these ideas and assess their feasibility.

Building on this approach, CREATE aims to stimulate the development and capture of knowledge and technologies which will enable step changes to be made for sustainable air transport in the second half of this century.

Based on the lessons learned from the Out of the Box project, it was suggested to go beyond the idea-generating workshops and assess the results by adding other elements to the process to foster innovation in the European air transport sector, namely a wiki-type website, a technology watch device, a process of merging ideas and an incubator mechanism.

The CREATE project is designed to identify and test these mechanisms at the different stages of the innovation process and provide recommendations on the best approach to maximise innovation for the future of air transport.


The CREATE project aims at setting up a process to identify and enable creative solutions in air transport for 2040 and beyond.

The project develops and implements (as proofs of concept) six types of activities which will build the overall process:

- the technology watch to centralise relevant developments and technologies;

- the idea-generating workshop to create novel ideas;

- merging ideas;

- assessing ideas;

- the Internet-based aeronautical wiki to collect contributions from stakeholders;

- incubating novel ideas.

These activities aim at supporting and strengthening the European air transport system's positioning as a customer-orientated, sustainable and world-leading sector. The ACARE stakeholders, as well as socio-economic experts, will be involved in a number of workshops to ensure that the process is fully aligned with the needs of the sector.

The proposed set of mechanisms will result in a structured approach towards creative and innovative technology development in Europe.

Description of Work

CREATE follows logical steps and has been organised into the following work packages (WP):

WP1 develops the concept of a technology watch mechanism at the European level for the benefits of the air transport stakeholders.

WP2 develops a script for future workshops to assemble creative ideas, based on the experience of similar workshops. A workshop will be organised during the first year of CREATE.

WP3 addresses a methodology for merging different ideas coming from various sources into a structured approach on which the assessment can be based. A workshop will be organised with the air transport stakeholders.

WP4 deals with setting up an Innopedia, a wiki-type website for creative air transport ideas.

WP5 develops a cost-effective assessment procedure. Several options for managing this activity will be evaluated and a workshop will be organised with the air transport stakeholders.

WP6 first deals with an inventory of existing incubation mechanisms. The results of the ACARE institutional observation platform are used. Opportunities for creating continuity and collaboration in long-term research are developed and disseminated during a workshop.

Apart from the project management activities, WP7 is used to disseminate the results of the project.

Expected Results

The final deliverable is a report presenting the recommendations for the implementation of all the mechanisms which are assessed in the project.

All of the separate elements of the CREATE process are vital to this objective and to its delivery. Each has its own impact upon the whole as well as individual value.

Each work package generates detailed reports to collect the 'lessons learnt' from the different workshops, which are organised with the air transport stakeholders throughout the project. A wiki will be operational for the air transport community.

The CREATE mechanism attempts to design a complete innovative system operating on a full transport-sector scale. It is designed to enable a European approach to foster new ideas for the future of air transport and the step changes necessary for air transport in the future.

CREATE will thus provide a vehicle on which the future strategies for aviation may be taken forward, delivering a practical, tested, transparent and effective process that can be applied to many cycles.

CREATE project set up