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Guidelines for Cooperation of Latin American Countries in European Aeronautics and Air Transport Research

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State of the Art - Background

There are important gaps in aeronautics research cooperation and communication between Latin America and the European Union. Some International Cooperation projects in fields such as Health, Food and IST have been successfully tackled. However, research in aeronautics is not taking advantage of all the benefits that this collaboration with Latin American could bring.

CoopAIR-LA aims to stimulate and promote cooperation in the field of aeronautics through collaborative research and development initiatives under the European Framework Programme. Rather than just establishing a development programme for Latin American countries in aeronautics, CoopAIR-LA aims to identify the existing potential for participation in Framework Programmes as partners on a medium-term basis. The project seeks to know and integrate the current scientific research, technological innovation and execution activities within the aeronautic research field, building a multinational and multi-stakeholder community involving relevant R&D European and Latin American actors (researchers, policy makers, users).


CoopAIR-LA is ambitious and innovative as an action supporting and fostering the cooperation between the European Union (EU) and Latin American countries (LA). It aims to deepen strategic RTD cooperation. Building on what already exists in multinational and multi-stakeholders communities, by identifying common interests and opportunities for cooperative RTD, it will target relevant participants (researchers, companies, policy makers, users) on RTD in Europe and Latin America.

The project will:

1. Build the observation, analysis and forecasting capacity required to identify key R&D issues on which to focus EU-LA cooperation, as well as key actors that will be involved in EU-LA collaboration in the field.

2. Analyze the barriers and troubles found by the potential LA partners when trying to participate in EU R&D programmes, as well as the difficulties encountered while taking part in any project.

3. Consider the findings on what the main obstacles are, and establish effective mechanisms to enhance the participation of the LA partners.

4. Ensure that information on European R&D is promoted to a large number of research, policy and practice actors in LA, therefore also facilitating dialogue among them.

5. Organize several conferences and workshops in LA and Europe, and a final Conference in the EU to identify networking opportunities.

Description of Work

The project is divided into the following Work Packages (WPs):

WP2 is dedicated to identifying actors and analysing the aeronautics field in Latin America, more specifically in Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Mexico. To achieve this, a mapping will be performed to identify the actors involved as well as the existing research programmes and projects in the field of aeronautics research.

WP3 aims to find and analyse the main barriers/difficulties leading to the observed low participation in research projects. One of the main outcomes of this WP is the elaboration of a guide of recommendations to overcome these issues and facilitate participation in the Framework Programme.

WP4 has the objective of identifying synergies between the LA countries R&D capabilities and the needs of the European aeronautics research programme.

The aim of WP5 is to support and stimulate the participation of LA Countries in Framework Programme 7 (FP7). For this purpose, three workshops will be held in LA. The recommendations and guidelines prepared in WP3 will be used for the promotion of the European research programmes in LA and for ideas for further collaboration, with a view to collaborate further with the European stakeholders, and to strengthen capabilities for further projects.

WP6 is devoted to the dissemination of the CoopAIR-LA results that will be performed via the design of a multilingual project flyer and posters, and via CoopAIR-LA's communication platform.

Expected Results

-Enhanced participation of Latin American countries in European aeronautic research, through the promotion of a 'European-LA knowledge scenario';

-The promotion of an active cooperation between European and Latin American countries, through the identification and assessment of mutual interest priorities of future work programmes across the Specific Programmes of FP7, and between LA countries' preferred cooperation areas and Europe;

-Increased visibility and interaction/coordination between the initiatives and activities related to aeronautics which are being carried out at a European and international level, and R&D in aeronautics;

-Contributing to building an air transport system that responds to society's needs, leading in global markets for aircraft, engines and equipment, through the establishment of a network of actors involved which will contribute to potential collaborations;

-Acting as a major mediator and catalyst in Europe's efforts for the reinforcement of its strategic LA partnership in aeronautics research with Brazil, Argentina and Chile, therefore enhancing European competitiveness, acquiring the best competences while facing global competition.