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CITYMOBIL: advanced road transport for the urban environment

Partners in the EU-funded CITYMOBIL project presented their work at the Podcar City International PRT conference on 1-2 October 2007 in Uppsala, Sweden.

Today’s cities face a range of problems related to rising mobility demands. These include pollution, congestion and safety problems caused by increasing traffic. Traditional transport systems are widely seen as no longer able to cope with these and other issues.

With the exception of some automatically operated metro systems, as in Paris, London and Lille, and some recently introduced automated buses and people-movers in Clermont-Ferrand, Eindhoven and Capelle aan de Ijssel, transport systems in present-day European cities remain rooted in aging and outmoded technologies.

Paving the way to better urban transport

The objective of the CITYMOBIL project is to achieve more effective organisation of urban transport. At three project sites, Heathrow, Castellón and Rome, large-scale demonstrators are being set up to deliver proof of concept of innovative automated transport systems integrated in the urban environment.

Five horizontal sub-projects are investigating and attempting to resolve issues that still prevent full scale implementation of these systems. Ultimately, CITYMOBIL will allow increased mobility, using technologies feturing low pollution, high safety levels and increased efficiency.