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Stimulating Ukraine–EU Aeronautics Research Co-operation

Tags: Air

State of the Art - Background

Ukraine has a proud heritage in aeronautics dating from the Soviet era. It is one of the few countries to have research, engineering and production capabilities across a wide range of aeronautical technologies. Despite this, the participation of Ukrainian aeronautical actors in the EC's research framework programmes is very low (approximately six contracts won under the Sixth Framework Programme - Aerospace involved Ukrainian organisations).


The overall objective is to facilitate research co-operation between aeronautics actors in the EU and Ukraine. The project will achieve its overall objective via three groups of activities:

- assessing and publicising the aeronautics collaboration potential between the EU and Ukraine;

- organising combined awareness-raising, training and networking events about Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) aeronautical collaborative research opportunities;

- supporting Ukrainian aeronautical actors to join consortia preparing FP7 aeronautics research proposals.

Description of Work

WP1: Assessing and publicising the aeronautics collaboration potential between the EU and Ukraine:

- for the Ukrainian aeronautics actors, a short 10-15 page brochure will be prepared describing the opportunities and providing practical advice on how to get involved in FP7 collaborative research projects;

- for the EU aeronautics organisations, a one to two-page profile will be compiled for the 50 strongest Ukrainian actors;

- a White Paper on aeronautics R&D in Ukraine will be produced for EU aeronautical organisations.

WP2: Raising awareness and understanding of EU aeronautics collaborative research

1. Three FP7 aeronautics events will be organised in Ukraine, combining three activities:

- awareness-raising about FP7 aeronautics research opportunities;

- training on how to participate in FP7 collaborative research projects;

- networking with EU aeronautics research organisations.

2. A few Ukrainian aeronautical experts will present AERO-UKRAINE and their aeronautics research at three aeronautics events in the EU.

WP3: Supporting participation in FP7 aeronautics research

1. Help to establish a FP7 Aeronautics NCP for Ukraine.

2. Support some Ukrainian aeronautics actors to join consortia preparing FP7 research proposals through promotional information and introductions to EU aeronautical experts during FP7/aeronautical events in Ukraine and the EU.

Expected Results

The results of this project will be:

- a White Paper on aeronautics R&D in the Ukraine that describes the main Ukrainian aeronautics actors, includes PEST and SWOT analyses of the aeronautics sector, and makes recommendations for future research co-operation. The brochure will be available in English, Russian and Ukrainian via the AERO-UKRAINE web-portal.

- a website will be developed where information on about 50+ aeronautical actors in Ukraine will be available;

- organisation of two awareness-raising/training/networking FP7 aeronautics events in Ukraine;

- participation in three aeronautics networking events in the EU;

- help to establish a FP7 aeronautics NCP in Ukraine;

- support for six or more Ukrainian aeronautical actors to join consortia preparing FP7 research proposals;

- organisation of a final dissemination conference in Kiev.