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‘FELICITAS’ for heavy-duty transport powertrains

The FELICITAS Integrated Project is focusing on the development of fuel cell (FC) drive trains capable of meeting the exacting demands of heavy-duty transport for road, rail and marine applications.

At a recent meeting at the Technical University of Athens, FELICITAS partners, led by Germany’s Fraunhofer Institute for Transportation and Infrastructure Systems, had the opportunity to participate in intensive discussions. Topics included:

  • Combined cycle gas-turbines and high-temperature fuel cell systems
  • Controller design for polymer electrolyte fuel cell clusters
  • Fuel processing issues.

Partners say FELICITAS will provide improved technologies for marine applications, onboard diesel reforming technology for powertrains, as well as gas turbine and solid oxide fuel cell hybrid powertrains. All of this will require significant improvements in performance and design.

Onboard fuel reforming is also a critical issue, because operating with high-energy-density fuels, such as liquid fuels, is essential for long distance operation of heavy-duty vehicles or ships. Addressing the particular demands of marine applications is therefore the first logical step in the FELICITAS process.