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Research projects - Co-modality

  • Containers get a redesign to pack more in: Tellibox
    Published on: 12/06/2012
    Shipping containers are crucial for European and global trade and yet concerns about capacity and efficiency and potential environmental drawbacks have led for calls for a redesign. Tellibox, an EU funded project, has done exactly that, successfully demonstrating the MegaSwapBox – a 100 metre-cubed container that can be loaded from three sides and is compatible with multiple transport modes.
  • Are in-vehicle technologies improving road safety?
    Published on: 03/02/2012
    As technology advances, vehicle manufacturers are incorporating more and more gadgets such as cell phones, satellite navigators and in-car video systems into vehicles. But what are the effects of these in-vehicle technologies (IVTs) on road safety? Ten European research partners are trying to determine how safe they really are.
  • Towards a common European train
    Published on: 26/08/2011
    Rail interoperability is needed to ensure that the European trains of tomorrow will enjoy the same freedom of travel as the EU’s citizens do today. This is why the European Commission funded the MODTRAIN research project, which worked on standardising the numerous components that make up a train, as well as the interfaces between them.
  • Making progress on public transport accessibility
    Published on: 29/11/2010
    EU-funded research projects, including 'Mediate' and 'Access2All' are finding new ways to get the disabled, elderly and other 'transport vulnerable' citizens into the public transport system. In doing so, they are making it easier for everyone to enjoy more efficient mobility.
  • International Co-operation project aims to improve transport services in cities hosting major sporting events
    Published on: 22/01/2010
    Partners in the EU-funded 'STADIUM' project will look for ways to improve transport services for large events in big cities, including the South Africa World Cup, the India Commonwealth Games and the London Olympics.
  • 'CONCERTOUR' – transport for tourism
    Published on: 02/12/2009
    The CONCERTOUR project, developing new strategies and solutions for sustainable tourism, has held its final conference in Rome. Participants from across Europe discussed results and looked towards further research linking tourism and transport.
  • ‘iTREN 2030’ joining the dots
    Published on: 14/01/2008
    More than 45 experts from the European Commission, national governments, industry and the researcher community met in Brussels on 27 November 2007 for the iTREN-2030 project workshop. Among the questions they asked was how to predict the combined effects of EU-wide policies on energy, transport, economy and the environment.
  • CITYMOBIL: advanced road transport for the urban environment
    Published on: 08/11/2007
    Partners in the EU-funded CITYMOBIL project presented their work at the Podcar City International PRT conference on 1-2 October 2007 in Uppsala, Sweden.
  • ‘EURO-TRANS’ hits the ground running
    Published on: 01/02/2007
    The EU-funded EURO-TRANS initiative is promoting and supporting the participation of small and medium size enterprises in European surface transport research projects. Partners met at a launch meeting in Brussels on 16 January 2007 to discuss actions and objectives.
  • ‘GLOBAL VIEW’ bringing railway world closer together
    Published on: 01/02/2007
    The Specific Support Action GLOBAL VIEW is disseminating the results of selected EU projects and learning from similar projects in India, China and Russia, identifying needs and priorities for joint international rail research projects.
    Published on: 30/01/2007
    The main target of the MODURBAN project is to design, develop and test an innovative and open common core system architecture and its key interfaces, in preparation for the next generations of urban-guided public transport systems.
  • Full steam ahead – Transport Research in support of EU maritime policy
    Published on: 18/01/2007
    Research plays a vital role in boosting the competitiveness of the European maritime sector, but supporting an all-embracing maritime policy means facing some formidable challenges. A new brochure, ‘Marine related research and the future European Maritime Policy’, outlines the opportunities and breadth of research required.
  • ‘CREATING’ shifting cargo from road to water
    Published on: 21/09/2006
    The EU-funded CREATING project brings together 29 partners from nine European countries, including nearly all countries bordering the Rhine and Danube rivers. Its goal is to reinvigorate waterborne freight traffic through innovative solutions, releasing some of the pressure on European roads.
  • Land transport research: putting Europe’s railway infrastructure on the right track
    Published on: 17/05/2005
    The European Commission is promoting a coordinated research strategy for Europe’s extensive railway systems. Officials say investment at both national and EU levels and by public and private organisations is crucial.
  • ‘INTRANSNET’ – building co-operation between transport researchers
    Published on: 06/07/2004
    An efficient transport network, including air, road, marine and rail systems, is a crucial prerequisite for Europe’s economic growth. This means maintaining good communications between the various actors involved in transport research, from basic physical research and engineering on land transport and intelligent traffic systems through to seat comfort modelling for trains and planes.