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Surface Transport research gets new boost

A new set of calls for proposals has been published for surface transport research, including road, rail and waterborne modes. EU officials set the stage at an 'Information Day' in Brussels.

Transport systems serving society. © Peter Gutierrez
Transport systems serving
© Peter Gutierrez

Transport systems play a central role in getting people and goods where they need to go. At the same time, efficient transport is closely tied to economic growth, prosperity and quality of life. But transport has, to an extent, become a victim of its own success, giving us traffic congestion, safety concerns, and contributing to global warming and pollution.

With the new set of calls for proposals published on 20 July 2010, the European Commission takes another step towards meeting the challenge of an efficient, safe and sustainable transport system that supports the aspirations of citizens and businesses alike.

Well defined aims

Speaking at the Surface Transport Research Information Day in Brussels on 23 July, Director of Transport at the European Commission’s Research Directorate-General (DG RTD) András Siegler said, "We believe that growth and sustainability are in fact compatible, and that we can develop a transport system that is capable of responding to the challenges of clean energy, climate change, increasing demand for mobility, and even unforeseeable crises such as volcanic ash clouds."

What's in the calls

FP7-SST-2011-RTD-1external link
Topics under this call include the 'greening' of transport, encouraging modal shift, improving safety and security, and strengthening competitiveness.
Total budget: €91.25 million.

FP7-TPT-2011-RTD-1external link
This call makes funding available for 'horizontal' activities such as socio-economic research, looking towards the technologies of the future and strengthening the  European Research Area.
Total budget: €6 million.

Jean-Eric Paquet © Peter Gutierrez
Jean-Eric Paquet
© Peter Gutierrez

Also speaking at the Information Day was Jean-Eric Paquet, Director f.f. for European Transport Networks and Smart Transport at the Commission's Transport and Mobility Directorate-General (DG MOVE).

"With these calls," he said, "we see research and technological development coming closer into line with the goals of a comprehensive and integrated European Transport Policy. But it is also recognised that transport policy has to take account of the state of research and technological development. This is why we are encouraging closer ties between policy-makers and researchers, and this is one of the reasons we are all here today."

Deadline for submission: 17:00 (5pm), Brussels local time, 2 December 2010
For more details, see the call page on the CORDIS websiteexternal link.