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Outcome of third call for proposals for surface transport research

The European Commission has released some preliminary results of the latest call for proposals for transport research.

In September 2009, the European Union made available new funding for key transport research initiatives. Calls for proposals were launched under Surface Transport, including the 'Green Cars' initiative. Areas have focussed on electrification of road transport, rail freight, eco-innovation within waterborne transport, as well as security in transport terminals and efficient interfaces between transport modes.
The call continues the focus on efficient, green, decarbonised transport systems. Important issues concerning safety and security, remain in place. Funding under the major 'Green Cars' topics will support further work on electric automobiles, including the development of electric auxiliaries and on-board systems, optimised thermal engine development and integration, and more advanced vehicle concepts.

The following preliminary information concerning the initial call was recently reported to member states by call coordinator Peter Crawley:

Overall call figures

  • Indicative total budget €93.79 million
  • 21 topics, divided into four groups:
    • €22.895 million for 'Development of rail freight transportation'
    • €20.895 million for 'Eco-innovations in shipbuilding and waterborne transportation'
    • €40 million for 'Electrification of road and urban transport'
    • €10 million for the rest of the topics of this call


  • 120 proposals submitted covering all open topics
  • Total cost of proposals €464 million; total EC contribution requested €320 million
  • By group of topics (approx.):
    • Rail: total €107 million; requested EC contribution €74 million
    • Waterborne: total €90 million; requested EC contribution €63 million
    • Electric car: total €192 million; requested EC contribution €130 million
    • Other topics: total €74 million; requested EC contribution €53 million

Evaluation process – next steps:

  • Call closure: 14 January 2010
  • Remote Evaluation February 2010
  • Consensus Meetings March 2010
  • Final panel ranking and approval April 2010
  • Informing of applicants and Programme Committee: May 2010