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New aeronautics research catalogue now online

A new Commission publication entitled ‘Aeronautics Research 2003 - 2006 projects’ contains summaries of all of the aeronautics and air transport projects co-financed under the first and second calls for proposals of the Sixth Research Framework Programme (FP6).

Cover of new publication

In his forward to the publication, European Commissioner for Research Janez Poto─Źnik says, “Aeronautics is a highly strategic sector for Europe, bringing citizens closer together and generating knowledge, skills, wealth and jobs. The industry essential for economic growth and is a key factor in the effort to make Europe the most competitive and dynamic knowledge-based economy in the world.”

The summaries or ‘synopses’ include a brief overview of project objectives, technological approaches and expected achievements. Some administrative features and partnership details are also included, as well as the names and addresses of project co-ordinators. Synopses are presented in four blocks, broadly representative of the main focus areas of the ACARE Strategic Research Agenda.

Also included are lists of National Contact Points and contact details of Commission staff involved in aeronautics and air transport. A list of abbreviations is intended to assist the reader in understanding the notation used throughout the book, especially country names, institutions and widely used technical terms.

In addition, two indexes at the back of the book allow the identification of projects by contract number and by project acronym. Finally, an alphabetical index of all project participants gives the page number of every project in which the participant is involved.

A comprehensive look at EU aeronautics research

Together, the project synopses represent the state of the art in aeronautics research under the European Commission Sixth framework Programme. “I am confident that these synopses will provide an interesting and useful overview of our joint efforts in support of the future of European air transport,” says Poto─Źnik.