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Joint EU – US Workshop on Small Aircraft and Personal Planes Systems
Configurations for Future Air Transport - "How to Prepare the Future"

Wednesday, 24th October 2012, 9h00 to 17h30 at the European Commission, Covent garden 2, ERCEA Room 00 SDR2, Place Rogier 16, 1210 Brussels.

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Today, personal ground transportation consists of on-surface vehicles (cars) limited by low speed, high fuel consumption, major safety hazards and the need for costly maintenance of roads and infrastructure. These factors limit the distance one can live conveniently from work, worsening the core periphery syndrome in which employment centres become residential centres, and leaving remote areas unexploited for employment or residence. Personal air transport systems (Pplane systems) are not a near-term system. Considerable progress beyond the current state-of-the-art will have to take place before personal aircraft will be taking off and landing in abundance from airfields only a short distance away from their owner’s destination.

This technological progress will have to be accompanied by progress in aspects such as regulation, licensing, infrastructure, controlling, synergies with existing forms of transportation (co-modality), etc.

On a shorter term, Small Air Transport (SAT) focuses on the new, affordable, accessible, energy-effective and environmental friendly component of the air transport system (ATS), which fills the niche between surface transport and scheduled large air transport. This future SAT system will provide a greater choice of transportation modes, and the wider use of small aircraft served by small airports will create transport access to more communities using a cost-effective method and in a shorter time.

It may become a source for innovation and economic growth opening up a new global market.


This Workshop is organised by the European Commission with the participation of NASA representatives. It addresses representatives of aviation stakeholders and experts in future projects, research institutions and academics.

Expected Workshop Outcome

This workshop will gather a number of key specialists, projects coordinators, who contribute their ideas and experience, in order to provide the participants with a comprehensive overview on the potential, difficulties of Small Aircraft and Personal planes Systems.

The workshop aims to identify the possible "showstoppers" for the development of SATS and Personal Plane Systems in order to pave the way for future research initiatives..

The workshop will also evaluate the potential area for EU-US R&T cooperation on Personal Planes.


Draft Programme 


8h30          Registration

Welcome Session


9h00          Welcome Address by the Commission

                   Tiit Jürimäe, Head of Aeronautics, DG RTD

9h10          Welcome Address by NASA

                   Yuri O. Gawdiak or Bruce J. Holmes

Session 1: Small Aircraft Transportation Systems (SATS) – Expectations and Challenges


9h20          Vision of the development of SATS in Europe (SAT-rdmp EC project)

                   Krzysztof Piwek, Instytut Lotnictwa (PL)

9h35          Vision of the development of SATS in US

                   Dr. Bruce J. Holmes, NextGen AeroSciences, LLC (NASA-retired)

9h50          On-going R&T projects at European level (ESPOSA, AIM2, SAFAR)

                   Pavel Wolf, Prvni Brnenska Strojirna Velka Bites (CZ) – ESPOSA (TBC)

                   Fritz Boden, DLR (D) – AIM2

                   Prof. Reinhard Reichel, University of Stuttgart  (D) - SAFAR

10h20        Coffee break


10h50        SATS business model evolution and considerations

                   Dr. Bruce J. Holmes, NextGen AeroSciences, LLC (NASA-retired)


11h20        Identification of "common challenges" – Open discussion



12h00        Sandwich lunch



Session 2 – Fully-automated Personal Planes Systems


13h00        Global Economic Drivers (USA – Europe)

                   Yuri O. Gawdiak,NASA - Next Generation Air Transportation System

                   Claude Le Tallec, ONERA (Fr)

13h20        On Demand Mobility (ODM) – Business Case Results / ODM Aircraft Design Study Status - US

                   Mark Moore, NASA, LaRC

14h20        Coffee break


14h30        JPDO UAS National Plan Goals & Objectives and potential impacts to Fully-       automated Personal Planes Systems

                   Yuri O. Gawdiak,NASA - Next Generation Air Transportation System

14h50        Status of integration of UAS in the airspace - Europe

                   Claude Le Tallec, ONERA (Fr)

15h10        Pplane project

                   Claude Le Tallec, ONERA (Fr)

15h30        Mycopter project

Frank Nieuwenhuizen, Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics (D)


15h50        Coffee break


16h20        Prospects for integration of Personal Planes and ATM (4DCo-GC   project)

                   Antoine JOULIA, ONERA (Fr)


16h20        Identification of possible "showstoppers" – Open discussion



16h50        Potential area for EU-US R&T cooperation on Personal Planes – Open     discussion



17:15         Conclusion and remarks


17h30        End of Workshop


The workshop is open


Registration: Please send your contact details prior to 16 October to Irene Marinangeli


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Function at Workshop

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For your registration please fill in this form and send it by e-mail to:


Ms. Irene Marinangeli

European Commission

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