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Europeans and Russians to meet on aeronautics co-operation

A workshop aimed at increasing collaboration between the EU and the Russian Federation in aeronautics research will take place in Brussels on 27-28 April 2006. Representatives from Europe’s leading aeronautics companies and research institutes will meet their Russian counterparts to discuss topics of mutual interest, ongoing co-operative efforts, and new opportunities for funding under the EU’s upcoming Seventh Research Framework Programme.

Image of Wind tunnel at Russia’s TsAGI
Wind tunnel at Russia’s TsAGI

After nearly a century of leadership in aerospace, Russia has a wealth of experience and expertise to offer its international partners. The EU’s Sixth Framework Programme (FP6) has allowed Russian and European researchers to forge important ties and to increase their collaborative efforts, moving forward on important aeronautics research initiatives.

Liam Breslin, Head of EU Aeronautics Research, said, “Russian partners are involved in a number of key projects, but we also know that great challenges lie ahead. This workshop will allow us to take stock of our experiences in collaboration and identify areas of mutual interest for the future.”

The ongoing promotion of Russian involvement in the EU Framework Programme has indeed proven fruitful, and the European Commission is eager to see that trend continue. Russian researchers are now key partners, making major contributions and helping the EU to reach common goals.

Vladimir Dmitriev, head of Russia’s TsAGI, has said, “The Russian aerospace sector has remained steadfast in its drive towards scientific and technical excellence. We are well equipped to meet any new demands and we have already helped to achieve numerous advances in aerodynamic and fuel efficiency. After several years of difficult adjustments, making our industry competitive is now a key priority.”

On the agenda

The new conference will feature presentations by leading lights from both European and Russian aerospace sectors. Discussions will cite ongoing and successful collaborative efforts as well as opportunities for further co-operation, with special emphasis on the Union’s next Framework Programme (FP7).

Participants are to include representatives of major European and Russian aeronautics players.