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Electromobility+ transnational call open

'Electromobility+' is a joint initiative involving 13 European countries and regions under the European Green Cars programme. Its aim is to create sustainable conditions for the development of electric mobility in Europe by 2025.

Increasing awareness of climate change, the scale of the challenges involved, and the pressing need to prepare for a post-petrol future have prompted most of the world’s developed countries to step up research, testing and deployment of more energy-efficient and less petrol fuel-dependent transport systems.

Under the Electromobilityexternal link+ initiative, national and regional authorities are bringing together €20 million of public funding, while the European Commission may contribute a maximum of €10 million within the framework of ERA-NET Plus.

Key Dimensions

The Electromobility + call is divided into five key thematic areas:

  1. Energy and environmental policy approach
  2. Usage patterns, economic models, actors involved
  3. Technical dimensions of the recharging systems
  4. Testing, trials and normative standards
  5. Technology-based Innovation

Countries and regions

The call is addressed to transnational research consortia in the following countries and regions: France, Germany, The Netherlands, Austria, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Turkey, Flanders (Belgium), Piedmont (Italy), Andalusia (Spain).

For more information, please refer to the Guide for Applicants external link and the national/regional contact points mentioned therein. The Guide for Applicants is also available at link

Electronic Proposal Submission System

An Electronic Proposal Submission System (EPSS) will be available in early January 2011 via the Electromobility+ webpage.

Call Closure

Proposals have to be submitted electronically via EPSS by 31 March 2011 at 17:00, Brussels local time.

More detailed information about the call will be provided at an Information and Brokerage eventexternal link in Cologne on 13 January 2011. A registration form for the Information and Brokerage event is available here: link.