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US (DoT) – EC cooperation agreement in transport research

On February 12, the United States and the European Union met in Washington to discuss ways to enhance their science, technology and innovation cooperation.

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Both sides are committed to the role science, technology and innovation can play in developing the knowledge and technologies that can foster economic growth, create jobs and help solve shared challenges, such as in health, climate change and food security. 

At the meeting, the European Commission and the U.S. Department of Transportation signed an agreement to boost cooperation in transport research. This agreement is designed to foster research into new cross-cutting technologies that will improve our transportation systems and maintain our competitiveness.

The Joint Consultative Group meeting, which takes place under the agreement for scientific and technological cooperation between the European Union and the United States, addressed, besides Transport research, the following topics:

  • Transatlantic marine, maritime and Arctic research,
  • Health research,
  • Materials science.