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Commission pushes for new 'Green Car' research proposals

At an FP7 'Information Day' in Brussels, European Commission officials urged potential researchers to put forward new proposals for research under the 'Green Cars' public-private partnership.

Road traffic © Peter Gutierrez
Cleaning up road transport is the aim of Green Cars.
© Peter Gutierrez

A total of €3.2 billion has been earmarked for European public-private partnerships (PPPs) dedicated to the development of new technologies in the manufacturing, construction and automotive sectors. Now, a second call for proposals, 'FP7-SST-2011-RTD-1', published on 20 July 2010, is set to inject €40.25 million into the key market area of sustainable surface transport.

Support for researchers

The 'Info Day' on 9 July 2010 in Brussels was aimed at informing participants about the progress of research already initiated under the PPPs and about the second round of cross-thematic coordinated calls.

At a special session on the 'Green Cars' PPP, the Director of Transport at the European Commission’s Research Directorate-General (DG RTD), András Siegler, said, "The transition to greener vehicles in Europe is an important one. It is needed to sustain our automotive industry, our environment and our mobility."

"At the same time," he admitted, "many of us don't like transitions." To ensure that the buying public will embrace the new technologies required to clean up European road transport, he said, "we have to be sure that they cater to the needs of users."

The European  Green Cars initiative
Green Cars is one of the three PPPs included in the European Commission's 2008 economic recovery package. It makes available €5 billion to boost the automotive industry and to support the development of new, sustainable forms of road transport. Of this sum, €4 billion are being made available through loans by the European Investment Bank. The remaining €1 billion is being provided under the EU's Research Framework Programme and by the private sector.

Key areas covered

Specific topics covered in this call include a wide range of pressing road transport-related issues, from electric vehicle safety to urban and inter-urban shipping to integrated intermodal traveller services, and eco-design and manufacturing processes for batteries and electrical components. The use of ICT and the manufacturing of batteries and electrical components are also covered.

Deadline for submission: 2 December 2010

For full details on the topics covered by the new call, and for information on how to submit a proposal, see the call page on the CORDIS websiteexternal link.