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News - Greening of transport

  • FP7 final call round-up
    Published on: 23/01/2014
    The final calls for proposals for transport-related research under the EU’s Seventh Research Framework Programme (FP7), announced in July 2012, has resulted in the launch of a wide range of potentially impactful projects.
  • Report on Synergies between Horizon 2020 and the Cohesion Policy 2014-2020 issued by the FP7 Transport Research Programme Committee
    Published on: 17/12/2013
    The report explains and provides recommendations on the need for a pro-active approach linking both policies to maximise their impacts.
  • Infodays 2012 - proceedings online
    Published on: 23/07/2012
    The Transport Research Information Days brought several hundreds of people interested in doing research under the Seventh Framework Programme for Research to Brussels, to learn about the current opportunities in the field of transport. Proceedings, participant lists and additional documents are now available online.
  • New call, new roadmap, new project synopsis
    Published on: 23/07/2012
    The European Green Car Initiative supports research into technologies and infrastructures that are essential for achieving breakthroughs in the use of renewable and non-polluting energy sources, safety and traffic fluidity. Its recent calls and publications are of interest to anyone wanting to contribute to research into greener transport.
  • Driving innovations - a short movie
    Published on: 25/06/2012
  • Draft Work Programme 2013 online now
    Published on: 19/06/2012
  • Registration Transport Information Days 2012 open
    Published on: 07/05/2012
    The registration for the Transport Information Days 2012 is open as of today, 7 May 2012.
  • Commissioner Geoghegan-Quinn will attend Transport Research Arena
    Published on: 19/04/2012
  • Results evaluations horizontal activities transport call 2012
    Published on: 16/02/2012
    The Commission, assisted by independent experts, has completed the evaluation of research proposals submitted to the transport calls that were launched in July 2011 and closed in December 2011.
  • New call for proposals Clean Sky
    Published on: 16/01/2012
    Clean Sky has launched its eleventh call for proposals on 13 January 2012. This represents one of the largest calls ever of this ambitious aeronautical research programme. The available funding of €36.5 million covers almost seventy topics, aiming to develop breakthrough technologies to significantly increase the environmental performances of airplanes and air transport, resulting in less noisy and more fuel efficient aircraft.
  • Call for proposals closed
    Published on: 06/12/2011
    As part of the Framework Programme for research, which funds excellent European science, the European Commission regularly launches calls for proposals. The call for proposals for transport research that was launched on 19 July 2011 closed on 1 December 2011, receiving more applications than last year.
  • 'Horizon 2020' focuses on smart, green and integrated transport research
    Published on: 30/11/2011
    On 30 November 2011, European Commissioner Máire Geoghegan-Quinn launched the European Commission's proposed new framework programme for research and innovation in 2014-2020, called Horizon 2020. The proposal is now up for discussion in the European Parliament and the Council of Ministers and is expected to be adopted by the end of 2013.
  • Annual NCP meeting in Brussels, 15 September 2011
    Published on: 11/10/2011
    The National Contact Points met with the Transport Directorate in Brussels on 15 September 2011. They exchanged practices and information to stay up to date. Their presentations and those of the European Commission are now available for you directly.
  • "Cold-calling": warning to project participants
    Published on: 04/10/2011
    From time to time participants in projects funded under the framework programmes are contacted by organisations seeking payment in return for publishing information on the work being undertaken within their projects. Contrary to some of the "sales pitches" used, these publications and their services have not been endorsed by the Commission.
  • Brochure on waterborne research online
    Published on: 19/09/2011
    A new publication on research activities on waterborne transport supported under the EU's framework programmes for research can be downloaded and ordered online as of now.
  • Multi-annual roadmap EGCI online
    Published on: 23/08/2011
    The 2011 publication of the multiannual roadmap for the European Green Car Initiative can be downloaded and ordered online as of now.
  • Infodays 2011 - slides and speeches
    Published on: 25/07/2011
    The Infodays 2011, which took place on 18 and 19 July 2011, offered parties with a research project focused on transport interested in participating in FP7 the necessary information. A webstream of all the presentations given is available online, as are slides of presentations (after the break) and a list of participants.
  • 'CooperatEUS' – EU-US co-operation in aeronautics research
    Published on: 20/01/2011
    The 49th edition of the AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting (ASM) in Orlando, Florida, drew a wide audience of international aeronautics and space researchers and featured high-level exchanges between European and American policy makers.
  • Lisbon accessibility plan opening doors
    Published on: 20/12/2010
    Participants at the recent Mediate and Access2All joint conference heard what a number of cities are doing to improve access to public transport, including the city of Lisbon.
  • Electromobility+ transnational call open
    Published on: 15/12/2010
    'Electromobility+' is a joint initiative involving 13 European countries and regions under the European Green Cars programme. Its aim is to create sustainable conditions for the development of electric mobility in Europe by 2025.
  • 'Implementation' is key for EUCAR
    Published on: 22/11/2010
    The European Council for Automotive R&D (EUCAR) brings together a range of forward-looking road transport research initiatives. Partners say the ultimate goal is to see real results on Europe's roads and highways.
  • Support for international research in aeronautics
    Published on: 15/11/2010
    The European Commission remains committed to fostering closer ties with international partners, including Russia and China. The latest round of funding under the 2010 work programme 'Transport' theme includes funding for joint research in air transport and aviation.
  • Successful public transport demonstration at India Commonwealth Games
    Published on: 29/10/2010
    The EU-funded 'Stadium' project has carried out a successful demonstration of new Intelligent Transport Systems, helping to get spectators and athletes to and from sports venues at the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi.
  • Innovation Union – turning ideas into green growth, jobs and social progress
    Published on: 07/10/2010
    The European Commission unveiled details of its flagship ‘Innovation Union’ this week. Driven on at the highest political level, this proposal sets out a strategic approach to innovation.
  • 'New' Member States into research fold
    Published on: 11/08/2010
    Though still often referred to as 'New Member States', countries that joined the Union in the latest accession rounds are widely seen as equal partners in the European Research Area (ERA).
  • Surface Transport research gets new boost
    Published on: 29/07/2010
    A new set of calls for proposals has been published for surface transport research, including road, rail and waterborne modes. EU officials set the stage at an 'Information Day' in Brussels.
  • Commission presents 'Info Day' on Aeronautics call for proposals
    Published on: 29/07/2010
    European Commission officials urged potential researchers to put forward new proposals at the Aeronautics Research 'Information Day' in Brussels. The latest call was published on 20 July 2010.
  • EU launches new calls for transport research proposals
    Published on: 23/07/2010
    The European Commission is making new funding available for key transport research initiatives.
  • Commission pushes for new 'Green Car' research proposals
    Published on: 22/07/2010
    At an FP7 'Information Day' in Brussels, European Commission officials urged potential researchers to put forward new proposals for research under the 'Green Cars' public-private partnership.
  • 'Clean Sky' tackles environmental issues in the air and on the ground
    Published on: 06/07/2010
    The Clean Sky Joint Technology Initiative is building momentum in its bid to improve the environmental performance of the air transport system. Issues discussed at the first Clean Sky conference in June 2010 included 'Eco-Design', optimising environmental performance 'from cradle to grave'.
  • EU projects say transport networks vulnerable to climate change
    Published on: 28/06/2010
    Every year, severe weather events wreak havoc on roads, railways and waterways across Europe. A number of EU-funded researcher projects are trying to understand how climate change could affect transport, and looking for ways to prepare for and mitigate the effects.
  • Transport services for all Europeans
    Published on: 18/06/2010
    The European Commission is determined to promote transport services that truly benefit Europeans, while maintaining respect for the environment based on policies of decarbonisation and sustainability.
  • Encouraging innovative transport research
    Published on: 18/06/2010
    The 2010 edition of the Transport Research Arena (TRA) Conference drew a wide range of road transport stakeholders, including the EU Commission's Directorate-General for Research and Technological Development (DG RTD).
  • EU innovation on Facebook taps into social networking trend
    Published on: 18/06/2010
    The European Commission's 'Innovation Union' page on Facebook gives web surfers a chance to learn about and discuss EU research and innovation activities.
  • Website on European Research Area launched
    Published on: 18/06/2010
    The newly launched website of the European Research Area (ERA) provides information on measures the Commission is taking to enable the free movement of knowledge and stimulate innovation.
  • Brussels hosts major transport conference ‘TRA 2010’
    Published on: 17/06/2010
    The 2010 Transport Research Arena conference saw leading-edge researchers and top industrial players unveiling the latest prototypes and technologies, and exchanging ideas about how to solve modern-day transport problems, while high-level decision makers discussed public policies on mobility and transport.
  • Maritime policy outlined at EUROMARES 2010 conference
    Published on: 11/06/2010
    The EUROMARES 2010 conference in May 2010 featured the latest advances and emerging ideas in the field of marine research, innovation and maritime policy.
  • Providing direction for EU research coordinators
    Published on: 10/06/2010
    On 31 May 2010 in Brussels, the European Commission's Research Directorate-General hosted an 'Information Day' for research project coordinators hoping to hone their administrative skills.
  • Sectors pull together at ETP Conference 2010
    Published on: 04/06/2010
    The ETP Conference in Brussels in May 2010 saw hundreds of representatives of industry, academia, civil society, EU member-states and the European Commission coming together for two days of focused debate on the challenges facing Europe and how to address them through research and innovation.
  • Major focus on transport research at ETP conference
    Published on: 04/06/2010
    The European Technology Platform (ETP) conference 'Working together on societal changes' featured key sessions on transport research, highlighting the central role of mobility in modern society. Issues included decarbonisation, door-to-door urban mobility, and safety and security.
  • ACARE takes next generation of aerospace engineers under its wing
    Published on: 12/03/2010
    The Advisory Council for Aeronautics Research in Europe, 'ACARE', has held an important workshop on 'Education and Training of Engineers and Researchers in Aeronautics for Europe'.
  • Exchange of views on transport and environment
    Published on: 02/03/2010
    Coordinators from five new EU-funded projects presented their ideas and responded to questions at a meeting on transport and climate change in Brussels.
  • Outcome of third call for proposals for surface transport research
    Published on: 08/02/2010
    The European Commission has released some preliminary results of the latest call for proposals for transport research.
  • No slowing down for EU-Russia co-operation in aeronautics research
    Published on: 27/01/2010
    Europe's ties with Russian aeronautics institutions have grown stronger over successive EU research funding programmes. A recent co-operation workshop in Moscow showed that trend continuing, with both sides redoubling their efforts to forge co-operative links.
  • Lofty goals laid out at Clean Sky JTI info day
    Published on: 21/12/2009
    The Clean Sky Joint Technology Initiative held an 'Information Day' in Brussels on 15 December 2009, aimed at helping researchers respond to the second Clean Sky call for proposals. Key speakers outlined details of research topics up for new funding and explained how to apply.
  • Citizens have their say at 'Move Together' final meeting
    Published on: 11/12/2009
    The groundbreaking Move Together project gathered average citizens from all EU Member States to assess the current state of urban transport research. Partners, participants and mobility stakeholders discussed the results of their work at a final meeting in Brussels on 7 December 2009.
  • 'Clean Sky' launches second call for proposals
    Published on: 26/11/2009
    The Clean Sky Joint Technology Initiative has launched its second call for proposals, making available €8.3 million in funding and covering 24 new research topics.
  • EU and industry come together at EARPA conference
    Published on: 20/11/2009
    On 4-5 November 2009, EARPA members, EU officials and European road transport stakeholders came together in Brussels to review activities and research initiatives, and discuss the future of the automotive sector.
  • New milestone for ‘Clean Sky’
    Published on: 20/11/2009
    The European Commission along with industry experts are determined to overhaul the entire airport transport industry, with new technologies to reduce CO2 by 50%. 'Clean Sky', the EU initiative that will make it all happen, is now officially autonomous. Its Executive Director, Eric Dautriat, discusses the issues.
  • CAE is the National Contact Point for EU aeronautics research in China
    Published on: 28/10/2009
    On 30 July 2009, the European Commission, together with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technologies (MIIT) of the People's Republic of China, launched a Call for Proposals aimed at enhancing international co-operation. The closing date is 14 January 2010.
  • Transport 'Info Day' goes green
    Published on: 22/10/2009
    The Transport Research Info Days, on 28 and 29 September 2009, featured in-depth presentations and information on the full range of topics covered under the new FP7 transport research calls for proposals, including aeronautics. Over two days, a record 1200 participants attended the event in Brussels, surpassing similar events in 2007 and 2008.
  • EU research shares stage with global 'Tara' expedition
    Published on: 22/10/2009
    Cutting-edge marine and maritime research was on display as the European Commission and the 'Tara Oceans' project crossed paths in Barcelona on 1 October 2009. Researchers from across Europe and around the world presented the latest work on biodiversity, aquaculture, blue biotech and climate change, while toasting the Tara as it embarks on a round-the-world scientific expedition.
  • Major ITS Congress pushes smarter transport
    Published on: 09/10/2009
    Putting new technologies to work to make transport safer, more efficient and greener was the focus of the 16th ITS World Congress in Stockholm from 21-25 September 2009. Delegates came from around the world to discuss the future of intelligent transport systems (ITS), especially the question of deployment.
  • Research can unlock the potential of ITS applications
    Published on: 09/10/2009
    The ITS World Congress in Stockholm on 22-25 September 2009 focused on EU-level efforts to speed up the introduction of intelligent transport systems (ITS). The European Commission's Research Directorate-General is doing its part to make sure the process goes as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • Aero 'Info Day' focuses on next generation of air travel
    Published on: 07/10/2009
    The greening of flying and the integration of air transport systems are the priorities in European funding for research into air transport, according to top European Commission officials on the second day of the FP7 Transport Info Days event in Brussels from 28-29 September 2009.
  • High-level support for 'Ocean of Tomorrow'
    Published on: 02/10/2009
    The new joint call for proposals for marine and maritime research is aimed at building the knowledge base for a sustainable growth of sea-based activities. A special 'Information Day' on 16 September 2009 saw two EU Commissioners joining forces to underline the interdisciplinary and cross-sector aspects of this historic call.
  • AMT '09 conference draws hydrodynamics community
    Published on: 24/09/2009
    The First International Conference on Advanced Model Measurement Technology for the EU Maritime Industry (AMT '09), organised by the EU-funded Hydro Testing Alliance (HTA), was held in Nantes, France, on 1-2 September 2009. Over 100 participants exchanged results and views on fluid dynamics.
  • Online registration for the EU-Russia aeronautics workshop
    Published on: 03/09/2009
    On 15-16 October 2009, aworkshopwill be held in Moscow to promote the submission of new proposals for joint EU-Russia research funding. The event is open toparticipants from the EU Member States, FP7 Associated States, ICPC countries and the Russian Federation.
  • EU launches major series of calls for transport research proposals
    Published on: 01/09/2009
    The European Union is making available new funding for key transport research initiatives. Calls for proposals have been launched under the 'Green Cars', 'Ocean of tomorrow' and 'ERA-NET' initiatives, while new international co-operative research with China and Russia will also be funded. 'Information Days' events are set to support calls.
  • Commission announces smart investment in green PPPs
    Published on: 06/08/2009
    In July 2009, the European Commission held an 'information day' aimed at encouraging prospective researchers to respond to a first round of calls for proposals that will inject €268 million in three key market areas, including road transport.
  • Key urban transport project delivers results
    Published on: 03/08/2009
    The 'SPUTNIC' project consortium held its final conference in Brussels in July 2009. Aimed at improving European public transport, SPUTNIC carried out a comprehensive study of the state of the art in urban mobility, including management, customer relations and operational structures.
  • Aero-researchers flock to Clean Sky JTI Information Day
    Published on: 14/07/2009
    The Clean Sky Joint Technology Initiative held an 'Information Day' on 10 July 2009 to aid interested parties in responding to Clean Sky's first call for proposals. The event featured presentations by top-level EC officials and industrial researchers.
  • TYROSAFE tyres, roads and safety video competition launched
    Published on: 07/07/2009
    The EU-funded TYROSAFE project is sponsoring an online video competition to raise awareness and highlight the importance of tyre/road interaction and safety. Participants in the ‘TyroSafe Video Competition’ will create a short video, maximum five minutes duration.
  • ‘DRESS’ project presented at Paris Air Show
    Published on: 23/06/2009
    The EU-funded DRESS project is developing a new electric steering system to replace hydraulics in today’s airliners. At this year’s Paris Air Show, DRESS partners discussed progress being made towards the ‘more electric aircraft’ of the future.
  • HyTRAN project shines at Montecarlo Alternative Energy Rally
    Published on: 11/06/2009
    The EU-funded HyTRAN project participated in the recent Third Monte Carlo Rally for Alternative Energy. Organisers say the event was a great opportunity for this crucial green road transport initiative to make a mark.
  • ‘Cleanest Ship’ meets goals
    Published on: 08/06/2009
    An evaluation of the results of the ‘CREATING’ project shows it has met its overall objectives, demonstrating how specific emission reduction technologies can be applied to inland navigation, leading to a significant reduction of harmful emissions.
  • Economic crisis: European Commission pledges swift implementation of ‘Green Cars’ initiative
    Published on: 08/06/2009
    In a joint statement, the European Commission and industry representatives have said the car industry is too big to let die, but it needs to develop something better than the gas-guzzlers currently on their production lines.
  • ‘VITAL’ workshop promotes cleaner air transport
    Published on: 25/03/2009
    The EU-funded VITAL project held its dissemination workshop in Budapest, Hungary, on 9-10 March 2009. The event comes at the culmination of four years of collaborative research among all the major European aircraft engine manufacturers.
  • EU research for crucial aero engine assessment
    Published on: 25/02/2009
    EU-funded ‘HEATTOP’ and ‘EVI-GTI’ initiatives are looking for new ways to measure important turbofan engine parameters.
  • Improving public understanding of EU transport research
    Published on: 16/02/2009
    For three days in Paris, visitors to the ‘European City of Science’ exhibition were able to learn about the work of research scientists around Europe. Among the highlights was the work of five groundbreaking EU-funded road transport research projects, aimed at making life on Europe’s roads easier and safer.
  • Commission challenges road industry to ‘get green’
    Published on: 30/01/2009
    Speaking at the ERTRAC event in Brussels on 26 January 2009, European Research Commissioner Janez Poto─Źnik called on road transport stakeholders to come up with a clear vision for the next generation of transport solutions by the middle of 2010.
  • A European vision for sustainable transport
    Published on: 29/01/2009
    Researchers, policy-makers and other stakeholders assembled in Lyon to hammer out a vision for sustainable transport in the context of the 2020 vision for the European Research Area.
  • Transport Research on the move – An animated and interactive overview
    Published on: 08/01/2009
    Explore for yourself the world of EU-funded transport research, from road to rail to waterborne and air transport. Browse by mode or by themes such as 'environment', 'urban transport' and 'safety and security'. In-depth summaries explain the work of individual research projects.
  • 'Clean Sky' seeks partners for 93 technical projects
    Published on: 12/12/2008
    Interested companies and research bodies can already consult a list of planned Clean Sky JTI calls for proposals for the first half of 2009, to see if the proposed topics suit their technical capabilities.
  • ACARE updates aeronautics research priorities
    Published on: 03/12/2008
    ACARE, the European high-level advisory group for aeronautics, has adapted its Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) to the rapidly evolving global context, adding four additional priorities.
  • Main players on board at EARPA conference
    Published on: 25/11/2008
    EARPA members, EU officials and European road transport stakeholders came together in Brussels on 13-14 November 2008 to review activities and research initiatives, and discuss the future of automotive research.
  • New round of funding announced for EU aeronautics and surface transport research
    Published on: 09/10/2008
    Forty-three new aeronautics research projects have been proposed for funding under the European Commission's Seventh Framework Programme for research and technological development. Results of the evaluation of surface transport proposals are still to be announced.
  • EU launches major bus project in Rome
    Published on: 12/09/2008
    The EBSF project will see new vehicle and infrastructure concepts as well as new energy, operational and public information schemes in some of Europe's most important cities, including Rome, Gothenburg, Madrid, Bremerhaven, Nantes and others.
  • OPTIMAL project holds final forum in Paris
    Published on: 15/07/2008
    The partly EU-funded OPTIMAL project, developing innovative procedures for aircraft approach and landing phases, held its final public forum on 25-26 June 2008 in Paris. The event was attended by more than 150 participants from Europe, America, Asia and Africa.
  • EU citizens and decision makers 'MOVE TOGETHER' on urban mobility
    Published on: 08/07/2008
    Improving public transport in the Union's major cities means satisfying a complex range of economic, environmental and social demands. The groundbreaking MOVE TOGETHER project includes average citizens from all EU Member States, working to ensure that people in high places get the message from down in the streets.
  • Vacancy notice: Executive Director
    Published on: 03/07/2008
    Can you lead the Clean Sky JTI?´╗┐
  • New project to assess transport research priorities in Maghreb countries
    Published on: 19/06/2008
    The newly launched ESTEEM initiative brings together European and Maghreb countries to set strategic priorities and research goals in the area of transport safety and security.
  • Commission takes on climate change and road transport
    Published on: 04/06/2008
    The European Commission has made the 'greening' of transport a major priority and that focus was clear when EC representatives addressed participants at this year's TRA conference in Ljubljana.
  • 'YEAR 2008' winners named in Ljubljana
    Published on: 20/05/2008
    Winners of the 'Young European Arena of Research' (YEAR 2008) competition received awards during the TRA Conference in Slovenia. In front of 1200 delegates from across Europe, students received medals and prizes for their groundbreaking work in road transport research.
  • Safety makes headlines at major road transport research conference
    Published on: 19/05/2008
    Speakers at the recent TRA 2008 conference in Ljubljana took on the key question of road safety. Despite enormous efforts and some improvements, all agreed that much remains to be done to reduce the occurrence and severity of road accidents.
  • Slovenia hosts major road transport conference ‘TRA 2008’
    Published on: 08/05/2008
    Over 1300 participants from Europe and beyond came to Ljubljana, Slovenia from 21-24 April for the TRA 2008 conference. The event featured major presentations by high-level decision makers, leading-edge researchers and top industrial players. Strategic and thematic sessions highlighted ‘greener, safer and smarter’ road transport.
  • Displaying the latest road transport solutions
    Published on: 08/04/2008
    Covering three floors in Ljubljana's largest conference centre, the TRA 2008 exhibition space will showcase the latest technological innovations and road transport solutions for the future.
  • Promoting young researchers
    Published on: 08/04/2008
    Developing the road transport solutions of the future will require hard work and imagination from a new generation of scientists. TRA 2008 will spotlight the most exciting and creative research being carried out by students from all over Europe.
  • TRA 2008 to feature a wealth of in-depth conference sessions
    Published on: 08/04/2008
    One of the main draws of TRA 2008 will be its rich conference programme. Why should you come to this event? To hear top-level personalities discuss greener, safer and smarter road transport in 58 sessions over four days.
  • ‘Clean Sky’ seeks new associate member
    Published on: 18/03/2008
    Clean Sky Joint Technology Initiative (JTI), the European Union’s largest ever research programme, has launched a new call for an Associate Member (or members) ready to participate in the ‘Smart Fixed Wing Aircraft’ work package.
  • TRA 2008 set to tackle urban mobility challenges
    Published on: 27/02/2008
    Among the issues to be addressed at TRA 2008 is improving urban transport. Organisers will be highlighting new ideas and initiatives being implemented in the Ljubljana city environment, but also around Europe under the EU Research Framework Programme.
  • Researchers flock to Surface Transport Information Day
    Published on: 22/02/2008
    The European Commission’s Directorates-General for Research (DG RES) and for Energy and Transport (DG Mobility and Transport) held a joint Surface Transport Information Day on 7 February 2008. The event featured presentations by top-level EC officials.
  • ‘Clean Sky’ research takes off
    Published on: 12/02/2008
    On 5 February 2008, research into the next generation of greener, more efficient aircraft took a major step forward with the launch of the Clean Sky Joint Technology Initiative (JTI), the European Union’s largest ever research programme. The initiative establishes a Europe-wide partnership between industry, universities and research centres, with a total funding of €1.6 billion.
  • Aeronautics Information Day draws large audience
    Published on: 12/02/2008
    More than 400 people attended the aeronautics research Information Day on 6 February 2008 in Brussels. Jointly organised by the European Commission’s Directorates-General for Research (DG RTD) and for Energy and Transport (DG TREN), the event was aimed at supporting the preparation of responses to the second FP7 call for proposals.
  • TRA 2008 road safety and security focus
    Published on: 12/02/2008
    Organisers of this year’s Transport Research Arena (TRA 2008) in Ljubljana will be highlighting a number of important road transport-related issues, including safety and security. Participants will hear high-level presentations throughout the event and see key initiatives showcased at the conference exhibition.
  • TRA 2008 to highlight accomplishments of young researchers
    Published on: 05/02/2008
    The Young European Arena of Research is an FP7-funded competition for early-stage researchers in the area of road transport. It will give students an opportunity to showcase their work, both on the internet and, for the finalists, at the Transport Research Arena (TRA 2008) conference in Slovenia in April 2008.
  • ‘SILENCE’ reigns at urban rail transport seminar
    Published on: 30/01/2008
    On 17 January 2008, railway stakeholders gathered at UIC headquarters in Paris to discuss new measures for reducing noise in the city environment. The EU-funded SILENCE project is delivering integrated technologies, systems and methodologies for the efficient control of urban noise as well as practical tools for their implementation.
  • Russian partners to test new ‘VITAL’ booster
    Published on: 18/12/2007
    On 11 December 2007 in Liege, Belgium, VITAL project partner Techspace Aero delivered a newly developed booster module to Russian partner CIAM for the next phase of testing in a programme aimed at reducing the environmental impacts of air transport.
  • ‘EURFORUM’ unveils urban mobility SRA
    Published on: 29/11/2007
    A new Strategic Research Agenda for Urban Mobility was presented at the final conference of the FP6-funded EURFORUM Coordination Action in Brussels on 19 November 2007. High level participation included speakers from the Portuguese Presidency, the Committee of Regions, the European Parliament and the European Commission.
  • Gender issues in transport: work in progress
    Published on: 29/11/2007
    The third seminar on ‘Gender Equality and Scientific Excellence’ took place in Brussels in September 2007. Over 70 participants attended, including members of FP6 Advisory Groups and Program Committees, representatives of Member States, experts on women and science issues, and a dozen EU Research Project Officers.