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News - Air

  • 'Transport Information Day' – Presentations and live discussions now available
    Published on: 11/12/2015
  • Final report of the Transport Advisory Group (TAG) on decarbonisation and dissemination
    Published on: 11/12/2015
  • 'Transport SME Innovation Day' – Presentations and live discussions now available
    Published on: 24/11/2015
    Presentations and live discussions held on 23 November 2015 at the 'Transport SME Innovation Day' are now available.
  • IFAR - International Forum for Aviation Research
    Published on: 29/10/2015
  • City Logistics Research, a Transatlantic Perspective
    Published on: 28/01/2014
    A report of the first EU-U.S. Transportation Research Symposium on city logistics research held in May 30-31, 2013 in Washington D.C is now available online.
  • Transport Safety: Societal challenges, research solutions
    Published on: 28/01/2014
    AN EVENT OF THE ITALIAN EU PRESIDENCY Palazzo Ducale – Genoa, Italy 4-5 December 2014
  • Smart, Green and Integrated Transport Information Day, save the date!
    Published on: 28/01/2014
    Charlemagne building – Brussels 2 February 2015
  • FP7 final call round-up
    Published on: 23/01/2014
    The final calls for proposals for transport-related research under the EU’s Seventh Research Framework Programme (FP7), announced in July 2012, has resulted in the launch of a wide range of potentially impactful projects.
  • Report on Synergies between Horizon 2020 and the Cohesion Policy 2014-2020 issued by the FP7 Transport Research Programme Committee
    Published on: 17/12/2013
    The report explains and provides recommendations on the need for a pro-active approach linking both policies to maximise their impacts.
  • EU-Japan meeting on Science and Technology in Tokyo
    Published on: 27/06/2013
    On Friday 21 June 2013, Robert-Jan Smits, European Commission Director-General for Research and Innovation and H.E. Shin Maruo, Ambassador for Science and Technology Cooperation of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Japan met in Tokyo.
  • US (DoT) – EC cooperation agreement in transport research
    Published on: 05/03/2013
    On February 12, the United States and the European Union met in Washington to discuss ways to enhance their science, technology and innovation cooperation.
  • Aeronautics Research & Testing Infrastructures – Key for Europe's Competitiveness in Aviation
    Published on: 21/02/2013
    25th/ 26th February 2013 - Workshop on Aviation Research Infrastructures in Europe Appropriate research and testing infrastructures are essential for the competitiveness of Europe's aviation industry and also for the aviation related public research needs in Europe. An Independent Expert Group (IEG) had identified criteria for aviation research infrastructures that are strategic and important for Europe.
  • European Aviation
    Published on: 12/10/2012
    Publication of the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) of the European Aviation sector at the ILA international airshow in Berlin on the 12th of September 2012.
  • Joint EU – US Workshop on Small Aircraft and Personal Planes Systems
    Published on: 08/10/2012
    Wednesday, 24th October 2012, 9h00 to 17h30 at the European Commission, Covent garden 2, ERCEA Room 00 SDR2, Place Rogier 16, 1210 Brussels.
  • Aeroengine combustors
    Published on: 04/10/2012
    More than 60 combustion experts met recently in Florence
  • Overview of successfully selected projects in aeronautics research released
    Published on: 27/08/2012
    The synopsis books provide a useful overview of projects that have been selected by the EU to receive funding under FP7, including details on the work package agreed and partners involved. This second volume covers the 2010 and 2011 calls.
  • Milestone in European aviation – the strategic research and innovation agenda
    Published on: 23/07/2012
    At its general assembly on 10 July 2012 at the Farnborough Airshow, the Advisory Council for Aviation Research and Innovation in Europe (ACARE) broadly endorsed its new strategic research agenda (Volume 1) – paving the way for aviation research and innovation up to 2050.
  • Infodays 2012 - proceedings online
    Published on: 23/07/2012
    The Transport Research Information Days brought several hundreds of people interested in doing research under the Seventh Framework Programme for Research to Brussels, to learn about the current opportunities in the field of transport. Proceedings, participant lists and additional documents are now available online.
  • Innovative flight simulator can make air travel safer
    Published on: 29/06/2012
    27 JUNE 2012 — From now on, it will be easier for pilots to practice flying safely, even in rare but difficult conditions of upset and recovery. The EU-funded SUPRA project developed a new kind of flight simulator that is unique in that it enables pilots to practice potentially dangerous situations that have so far been impossible to simulate. The new flight simulator spins wildly, using advanced algorithms that for the first time are able to give a realistic imitation of the feeling of loss of ...
  • Draft Work Programme 2013 online now
    Published on: 19/06/2012
  • Registration Transport Information Days 2012 open
    Published on: 07/05/2012
    The registration for the Transport Information Days 2012 is open as of today, 7 May 2012.
  • Results evaluations horizontal activities transport call 2012
    Published on: 16/02/2012
    The Commission, assisted by independent experts, has completed the evaluation of research proposals submitted to the transport calls that were launched in July 2011 and closed in December 2011.
  • New call for proposals Clean Sky
    Published on: 16/01/2012
    Clean Sky has launched its eleventh call for proposals on 13 January 2012. This represents one of the largest calls ever of this ambitious aeronautical research programme. The available funding of €36.5 million covers almost seventy topics, aiming to develop breakthrough technologies to significantly increase the environmental performances of airplanes and air transport, resulting in less noisy and more fuel efficient aircraft.
  • Call for proposals closed
    Published on: 06/12/2011
    As part of the Framework Programme for research, which funds excellent European science, the European Commission regularly launches calls for proposals. The call for proposals for transport research that was launched on 19 July 2011 closed on 1 December 2011, receiving more applications than last year.
  • Research on Open Rotor Engines
    Published on: 30/11/2011
    In the last 4 years, the DREAM EU-funded research project (valiDation of Radical Engine Architecture systeMs) has concentrated its efforts around innovative technologies for aeroengines and in particular on the open rotor architecture with potential fuel savings of up to 20% compared to state of the art turbofan.
  • Proposal on new framework programme for research funding launched
    Published on: 30/11/2011
    On 30 November 2011, European Commissioner Máire Geoghegan-Quinn launched the European Commission's proposed new framework programme for research and innovation in 2014-2020, called Horizon 2020. The proposal is now up for discussion in the European Parliament and the Council of Ministers and is expected to be adopted by the end of 2013.
  • Clean Sky project wins Innovation Award
    Published on: 16/11/2011
    TaxiBot, Clean Sky "Dispatch Towing Vehicle (DTV)" project won the Innovation Award at Inter Airport Europe in Munich.
  • Annual Activity Report 2010
    Published on: 16/11/2011
    The annual Activity Report of the European Commission's Directorate-General for Research and Innovation shows how our work drives forward an integrated and world-class research and innovation system in Europe. You can now find it online.
  • National Contact Points meet in Brussels
    Published on: 11/10/2011
    The National Contact Points met with the Transport Directorate in Brussels on 15 September 2011. They exchanged practices and information to stay up to date. Their presentations and those of the European Commission are now available for you directly.
  • Big boost for small air planes research in Central and Eastern Europe
    Published on: 11/10/2011
    Small aircraft carrying up to 19 passengers could be an attractive form of regional transport in areas that lack extensive transport infrastructure. The European Commission has set aside €25 million to fund a group of mostly Central and Eastern European partners to carry out research that will strengthen European competitiveness in this technology demanding sector. Their work focuses on developing modern engines at the right scale for use in an aircraft this size, while remaining safe, affordabl...
  • "Cold-calling": warning to project participants
    Published on: 04/10/2011
    From time to time participants in projects funded under the framework programmes are contacted by organisations seeking payment in return for publishing information on the work being undertaken within their projects. Contrary to some of the "sales pitches" used, these publications and their services have not been endorsed by the Commission.
  • Commission responds to Clean Sky evaluation
    Published on: 03/10/2011
    The European Commission has issued its response to the first Clean Sky JTI interim evaluation, which also served as input for the Commission Communication on Partnering in Research and Innovation that was adopted on 21 September 2011.
  • Infodays 2011 - slides and speeches
    Published on: 25/07/2011
    The Infodays 2011, which took place on 18 and 19 July 2011, offered parties with a research project focused on transport interested in participating in FP7 the necessary information. A webstream of all the presentations given is available online, as are slides of presentations (after the break) and a list of participants.
  • New calls for transport research launched
    Published on: 20/07/2011
    Today, the European Commission launched a new round of FP7 calls for transport research. Researchers and scientists interested in submitting a proposal can do so
  • Demonstrating a carbon-neutral path for producing aviation fuel
    Published on: 18/07/2011
    On July 5, the SOLAR-JET project was launched at Bauhaus Luftfahrt e.V. (BHL) in Munich, Germany.
  • Launch of the new Transport Research website
    Published on: 08/07/2011
    The new website of the European Commission's transport directorate of DG Research and Innovation was launched today.
  • New ACARE holds first General Assembly
    Published on: 05/07/2011
    Siim Kallas, Vice-president of the European Commission with responsibility for transport, launched the new Advisory Council for Aviation Research and Innovation in Europe (ACARE 2) at the Paris Air Show. He opened the kick-off meeting in the presence of senior industry representatives during a visit to the 49th edition of the air show on 21 June 2011.
  • Aerodays 2011: help shape the future of aeronautics in Europe
    Published on: 03/03/2011
    The European Commission and Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial in Spain invite you to register now for the sixth Community Aeronautics days in Madrid, 30 March-1 April 2011.
  • 'CooperatEUS' – EU-US co-operation in aeronautics research
    Published on: 20/01/2011
    The 49th edition of the AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting (ASM) in Orlando, Florida, drew a wide audience of international aeronautics and space researchers and featured high-level exchanges between European and American policy makers.
  • Support for international research in aeronautics
    Published on: 15/11/2010
    The European Commission remains committed to fostering closer ties with international partners, including Russia and China. The latest round of funding under the 2010 work programme 'Transport' theme includes funding for joint research in air transport and aviation.
  • Innovation Union – turning ideas into green growth, jobs and social progress
    Published on: 07/10/2010
    The European Commission unveiled details of its flagship ‘Innovation Union’ this week. Driven on at the highest political level, this proposal sets out a strategic approach to innovation.
  • 'New' Member States into research fold
    Published on: 11/08/2010
    Though still often referred to as 'New Member States', countries that joined the Union in the latest accession rounds are widely seen as equal partners in the European Research Area (ERA).
  • Commission presents 'Info Day' on Aeronautics call for proposals
    Published on: 29/07/2010
    European Commission officials urged potential researchers to put forward new proposals at the Aeronautics Research 'Information Day' in Brussels. The latest call was published on 20 July 2010.
  • EU launches new calls for transport research proposals
    Published on: 23/07/2010
    The European Commission is making new funding available for key transport research initiatives.
  • 'Clean Sky' tackles environmental issues in the air and on the ground
    Published on: 06/07/2010
    The Clean Sky Joint Technology Initiative is building momentum in its bid to improve the environmental performance of the air transport system. Issues discussed at the first Clean Sky conference in June 2010 included 'Eco-Design', optimising environmental performance 'from cradle to grave'.
  • EU innovation on Facebook taps into social networking trend
    Published on: 18/06/2010
    The European Commission's 'Innovation Union' page on Facebook gives web surfers a chance to learn about and discuss EU research and innovation activities.
  • Major focus on transport research at ETP conference
    Published on: 04/06/2010
    The European Technology Platform (ETP) conference 'Working together on societal changes' featured key sessions on transport research, highlighting the central role of mobility in modern society. Issues included decarbonisation, door-to-door urban mobility, and safety and security.
  • Sectors pull together at ETP Conference 2010
    Published on: 04/06/2010
    The ETP Conference in Brussels in May 2010 saw hundreds of representatives of industry, academia, civil society, EU member-states and the European Commission coming together for two days of focused debate on the challenges facing Europe and how to address them through research and innovation.
  • E-CAero to hold Workshop on disseminating science and technology
    Published on: 25/03/2010
    On 19-20 April 2010, the EU-funded 'E-CAero' initiative will hold its first European Workshop on enhancing the dissemination of scientific and technical knowledge.
  • ACARE takes next generation of aerospace engineers under its wing
    Published on: 12/03/2010
    The Advisory Council for Aeronautics Research in Europe, 'ACARE', has held an important workshop on 'Education and Training of Engineers and Researchers in Aeronautics for Europe'.
  • No slowing down for EU-Russia co-operation in aeronautics research
    Published on: 27/01/2010
    Europe's ties with Russian aeronautics institutions have grown stronger over successive EU research funding programmes. A recent co-operation workshop in Moscow showed that trend continuing, with both sides redoubling their efforts to forge co-operative links.
  • Lofty goals laid out at Clean Sky JTI info day
    Published on: 21/12/2009
    The Clean Sky Joint Technology Initiative held an 'Information Day' in Brussels on 15 December 2009, aimed at helping researchers respond to the second Clean Sky call for proposals. Key speakers outlined details of research topics up for new funding and explained how to apply.
  • 'Clean Sky' launches second call for proposals
    Published on: 26/11/2009
    The Clean Sky Joint Technology Initiative has launched its second call for proposals, making available €8.3 million in funding and covering 24 new research topics.
  • New milestone for ‘Clean Sky’
    Published on: 20/11/2009
    The European Commission along with industry experts are determined to overhaul the entire airport transport industry, with new technologies to reduce CO2 by 50%. 'Clean Sky', the EU initiative that will make it all happen, is now officially autonomous. Its Executive Director, Eric Dautriat, discusses the issues.
  • CAE is the National Contact Point for EU aeronautics research in China
    Published on: 28/10/2009
    On 30 July 2009, the European Commission, together with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technologies (MIIT) of the People's Republic of China, launched a Call for Proposals aimed at enhancing international co-operation. The closing date is 14 January 2010.
  • Transport 'Info Day' goes green
    Published on: 22/10/2009
    The Transport Research Info Days, on 28 and 29 September 2009, featured in-depth presentations and information on the full range of topics covered under the new FP7 transport research calls for proposals, including aeronautics. Over two days, a record 1200 participants attended the event in Brussels, surpassing similar events in 2007 and 2008.
  • Aero 'Info Day' focuses on next generation of air travel
    Published on: 07/10/2009
    The greening of flying and the integration of air transport systems are the priorities in European funding for research into air transport, according to top European Commission officials on the second day of the FP7 Transport Info Days event in Brussels from 28-29 September 2009.
  • Online registration for the EU-Russia aeronautics workshop
    Published on: 03/09/2009
    On 15-16 October 2009, aworkshopwill be held in Moscow to promote the submission of new proposals for joint EU-Russia research funding. The event is open toparticipants from the EU Member States, FP7 Associated States, ICPC countries and the Russian Federation.
  • EU launches major series of calls for transport research proposals
    Published on: 01/09/2009
    The European Union is making available new funding for key transport research initiatives. Calls for proposals have been launched under the 'Green Cars', 'Ocean of tomorrow' and 'ERA-NET' initiatives, while new international co-operative research with China and Russia will also be funded. 'Information Days' events are set to support calls.
  • Major scientific publication for ‘DESider’ project
    Published on: 06/08/2009
    The results of the EU-funded DESider project ('Detached eddy simulation for industrial aerodynamics') have been published in a new 454-page volume edited by Werner Haase, Marianna Braza and Alistair Revell. The book includes a comprehensive introduction to the project and full details of methods and approaches.
  • Aero-researchers flock to Clean Sky JTI Information Day
    Published on: 14/07/2009
    The Clean Sky Joint Technology Initiative held an 'Information Day' on 10 July 2009 to aid interested parties in responding to Clean Sky's first call for proposals. The event featured presentations by top-level EC officials and industrial researchers.
  • ‘DRESS’ project presented at Paris Air Show
    Published on: 23/06/2009
    The EU-funded DRESS project is developing a new electric steering system to replace hydraulics in today’s airliners. At this year’s Paris Air Show, DRESS partners discussed progress being made towards the ‘more electric aircraft’ of the future.
  • ‘VITAL’ workshop promotes cleaner air transport
    Published on: 25/03/2009
    The EU-funded VITAL project held its dissemination workshop in Budapest, Hungary, on 9-10 March 2009. The event comes at the culmination of four years of collaborative research among all the major European aircraft engine manufacturers.
  • EU research for crucial aero engine assessment
    Published on: 25/02/2009
    EU-funded ‘HEATTOP’ and ‘EVI-GTI’ initiatives are looking for new ways to measure important turbofan engine parameters.
  • Transport Research on the move – An animated and interactive overview
    Published on: 08/01/2009
    Explore for yourself the world of EU-funded transport research, from road to rail to waterborne and air transport. Browse by mode or by themes such as 'environment', 'urban transport' and 'safety and security'. In-depth summaries explain the work of individual research projects.
  • 'Clean Sky' seeks partners for 93 technical projects
    Published on: 12/12/2008
    Interested companies and research bodies can already consult a list of planned Clean Sky JTI calls for proposals for the first half of 2009, to see if the proposed topics suit their technical capabilities.
  • ACARE updates aeronautics research priorities
    Published on: 03/12/2008
    ACARE, the European high-level advisory group for aeronautics, has adapted its Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) to the rapidly evolving global context, adding four additional priorities.
  • New round of funding announced for EU aeronautics and surface transport research
    Published on: 09/10/2008
    Forty-three new aeronautics research projects have been proposed for funding under the European Commission's Seventh Framework Programme for research and technological development. Results of the evaluation of surface transport proposals are still to be announced.
  • OPTIMAL project holds final forum in Paris
    Published on: 15/07/2008
    The partly EU-funded OPTIMAL project, developing innovative procedures for aircraft approach and landing phases, held its final public forum on 25-26 June 2008 in Paris. The event was attended by more than 150 participants from Europe, America, Asia and Africa.
  • ‘Clean Sky’ seeks new associate member
    Published on: 18/03/2008
    Clean Sky Joint Technology Initiative (JTI), the European Union’s largest ever research programme, has launched a new call for an Associate Member (or members) ready to participate in the ‘Smart Fixed Wing Aircraft’ work package.
  • ‘Clean Sky’ research takes off
    Published on: 12/02/2008
    On 5 February 2008, research into the next generation of greener, more efficient aircraft took a major step forward with the launch of the Clean Sky Joint Technology Initiative (JTI), the European Union’s largest ever research programme. The initiative establishes a Europe-wide partnership between industry, universities and research centres, with a total funding of €1.6 billion.
  • Aeronautics Information Day draws large audience
    Published on: 12/02/2008
    More than 400 people attended the aeronautics research Information Day on 6 February 2008 in Brussels. Jointly organised by the European Commission’s Directorates-General for Research (DG RTD) and for Energy and Transport (DG TREN), the event was aimed at supporting the preparation of responses to the second FP7 call for proposals.
  • Russian partners to test new ‘VITAL’ booster
    Published on: 18/12/2007
    On 11 December 2007 in Liege, Belgium, VITAL project partner Techspace Aero delivered a newly developed booster module to Russian partner CIAM for the next phase of testing in a programme aimed at reducing the environmental impacts of air transport.
  • ‘VIVACE’ forum presents final project results
    Published on: 08/11/2007
    The EU-funded VIVACE project, developing advanced engineering and business capabilities in the aerospace industry, held its third and final public Forum on 17-19 October 2007 in Toulouse.
  • Commission names new projects for greener and more competitive air transport
    Published on: 04/10/2007
    An EU-wide call for research proposals in aeronautics and air transport has resulted in the selection of thirty-six outstanding and innovative projects, to be funded under the European Commission's Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (FP7).
  • ‘SILENCE(R)’ aircraft noise reduction project holds final meeting
    Published on: 16/07/2007
    The final meeting of the EU-funded SILENCE(R) project took place in La Baule, France, on 27 June 2007. For over six years, SILENCE(R) has been at the leading edge of new aircraft noise reduction technologies, bringing together representatives of the European aviation industry including Airbus, Rolls-Royce, MTU Aero Engines and Snecma, along with the research community and universities.
  • Important role for Russian partners in aeronautics research
    Published on: 16/07/2007
    Co-operation with Russia is a vital part of the EU’s science and technology programme. At the recent EU-Russia workshop on aeronautics research, Russian players had a chance to ‘show their stuff’.
  • EU and Russia agree to work more closely in aeronautics research
    Published on: 16/07/2007
    On 18 June 2007, at the Paris Air Show, the EU and Russia signed an agreement to work together more closely in the field of aeronautics research. As part of the overall objective of creating an EU-Russia common space of research and education, a new aeronautics Working Group will be set up, joining others in areas such as energy, food, life sciences and nanotechnologies.
  • EU-Russia co-operation in aeronautics research takes another leap forward
    Published on: 12/07/2007
    On 28-30 March 2007, EU and Russian researchers, policy makers and business people met in Moscow to identify topics of mutual interest and potential collaboration in the field of aeronautics research for 2008 and beyond. The event was the third in a series of high-level workshops aimed at strengthening the strategic partnership between two world powers.
  • ‘CLEAN SKY’ JTI makes news at Paris Air Show
    Published on: 10/07/2007
    Speaking at the Paris Air Show on 20 June 2007, EU Research Commissioner Janez Poto─Źnik announced ambitious targets for aircraft emissions, part of the commission's campaign against climate change.
  • SMEs in European aeronautics
    Published on: 06/03/2007
    Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can play a vital role in the European aeronautics sector, where state-of-the-art technologies are crucial. But while often at the cutting edge of innovation, such firms have limited financial resources and face serious challenges accessing and benefiting from pan-European research programmes.
  • Transport Research Information Day draws full house
    Published on: 20/02/2007
    The European Commission’s Directorates-General for Research (DG RTD) and for Energy and Transport (DG TREN) held Joint Information Days on 13 and 14 February 2007 to support the preparation of proposals in response to the first call for proposals under the Seventh Research Framework Programme (FP7).
  • Securing air travel
    Published on: 22/01/2007
    Ensuring the security of air transport has become a major priority for all stakeholders in the aviation sector. The events of September 11 2001 and subsequent developments have renewed efforts to protect passengers, crew and infrastructure from attack. New technologies and processes are being brought to bear on a complex problem that is further complicated by an unprecedented growth in demand for air travel.
  • ‘POA’ project wraps up validation phase
    Published on: 18/01/2007
    The final meeting of the Aircraft Systems Validation Rig (ASVR) component of the EU-funded POA project took place at the Hispano-Suiza headquarters in Colombes, near Paris, on 12-13 December 2006. The POA project is seeking to improve the efficiency and safety of aircraft systems.
  • Commission launches first FP7 calls for proposals
    Published on: 22/12/2006
    The first call for proposals under the EU’s Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (FP7) have been launched. Research on Transport (including Aeronautics), will be funded under the specific programme on 'Co-operation'.
  • FP7 Energy and Transport ‘Information Days’
    Published on: 18/12/2006
    The European Commission Directorates-General for Research and for Energy and Transport will hold joint ‘Information Days’ on 13 and 14 February 2007. The aim is to support the preparation of proposals in response to the First Calls for Proposals under the Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (FP7) The event will take place in the Charlemagne building, rue de la Loi 170, Brussels.
  • Tallinn seminar spotlights research and design
    Published on: 05/12/2006
    The seventh international seminar on ‘Recent research and design progress in aeronautical engineering and its influence on education’ drew scientists, students and aviation specialists from fourteen countries and nineteen universities and institutes. The event was hosted by Tartu Aviation College in Tallinn, Estonia.
  • New Transport Advisory Group for FP7
    Published on: 17/10/2006
    The Transport Advisory Group (TAG) provides valuable support to European Commission services in the form of advice and input into the annual transport (including aeronautics) work programmes of the EU’s Seventh Framework Programme for research and technological development (FP7). With new members, and an extended mandate, the new FP7 TAG held its first meeting, in Brussels, on 19 September 2006.
  • CALM noise reduction workshop lands in Hungary
    Published on: 05/10/2006
    Over 80 participants, representing EU Member States, the Commission, and academic, research and business institutions, met to discuss noise research on 13 September 2006 in Budapest. The CALM initiative is the result of close collaborative efforts between EU Research and Environment Directorates.
  • Major scientific publication for ‘FLOMANIA’ project
    Published on: 21/09/2006
    The results of the EU-funded FLOMANIA project (‘Flow-physics modelling – an integrated approach’) have been published in a new 435-page volume edited by Werner Haase, Bertrand Aupoix, Ulf Bunge and Dieter Schwamborn. The book includes a comprehensive introduction to the project and details of methods and approaches, and it provides full reports on a variety of design applications.
  • ‘Aeronautics Days’ gets young people on board
    Published on: 08/08/2006
    The Fifth Community Aeronautics Days was a key event for European research and technology in aeronautics and air transport. The Student Participation Programme, sponsored by the European Commission, offered the unique opportunity for young scientists and engineers to take an active part in this most important of events.
  • Safety and security key aeronautics priorities
    Published on: 12/07/2006
    The ‘Aeronautics Days 2006’ conference in Vienna featured press briefings and thematic sessions on air transport safety and security, key issues as the aeronautics sector looks to further safeguard passengers, planes and ground facilities.
  • ‘CLEAN SKY’ JTI a major initiative for European aeronautics
    Published on: 11/07/2006
    Participants at the Aeronautics Days 2006 conference got more details on the new CLEAN SKY Joint Technology Initiative (JTI). Expected to be among the first of the EU’s new JTIs to get off the ground under FP7, CLEAN SKY will bring together EU-funded projects and major industrial stakeholders to move important technologies even closer to market, ensuring the highest level of European competitiveness.
  • Vienna Aeronautics conference draws international participation
    Published on: 11/07/2006
    Aeronautics Days 2006 brought together more than 860 participants, including delegations from every EU Member State. But far from being an all-Euro event, the conference also included many speakers and participants from the USA, Japan, Russia and China, and many other nations with a stake in the most global of industries.
  • Industry and research take wing at ‘Aeronautics Days 2006’
    Published on: 27/06/2006
    From 19-21 June, almost 900 participants from 41 countries converged on Vienna for Aeronautics Days 2006. Attendees included representatives of all major aeronautics companies, the research community and public authorities, and a large contingent of Europe’s best and brightest aerospace students. The theme of the event was ‘Sustainable solutions for new horizons’.
  • ACARE stresses joint efforts at European Technology Platforms event
    Published on: 24/05/2006
    On 4-5 May 2006, more than 500 participants met in Vienna, Austria, to compare knowledge and experiences of the European Technology Platform (ETP) process. ACARE, the air transport ETP, presented its views on effective, goal-oriented European co-operation.
  • EU and Russians meet on aeronautics co-operation
    Published on: 04/05/2006
    On 27-28 April 2006, a major conference brought EU and the Russian Federation representatives together in Brussels to discuss increasing collaboration in aeronautics research. Present were Europe’s leading aerospace firms and research institutes and their Russian counterparts to discuss topics of mutual interest, ongoing co-operative efforts, and new opportunities for funding under the EU’s Research Framework Programme.
  • AirTN launch signals heightened co-operation
    Published on: 20/04/2006
    On 15 March 2006, a new EU-funded network aimed at coordinating Europe-wide aeronautics research was launched at the Airbus facility in Hamburg. The Air Transport Net (AirTN) will place particular emphasis on bringing new EU Member States into the aerospace fold, offering important opportunities for industrial development in this sector in Eastern Europe.
  • Europeans and Russians to meet on aeronautics co-operation
    Published on: 20/04/2006
    A workshop aimed at increasing collaboration between the EU and the Russian Federation in aeronautics research will take place in Brussels on 27-28 April 2006. Representatives from Europe’s leading aeronautics companies and research institutes will meet their Russian counterparts to discuss topics of mutual interest, ongoing co-operative efforts, and new opportunities for funding under the EU’s upcoming Seventh Research Framework Programme.
  • New aeronautics research catalogue now online
    Published on: 01/03/2006
    A new Commission publication entitled ‘Aeronautics Research 2003 - 2006 projects’ contains summaries of all of the aeronautics and air transport projects co-financed under the first and second calls for proposals of the Sixth Research Framework Programme (FP6).
  • FLYSAFE – new flight safety initiative moves forward
    Published on: 24/11/2005
    The FLYSAFE project, launched in February 2005, held its first formal review on 18-19 October in Toulouse. The project will conceive, develop and validate new onboard and ground systems for supplying detailed meteorological and other safety information to aircraft.
  • New Commission strategy to improve environmental performance in aviation sector
    Published on: 03/10/2005
    The European Commission has presented a plan for reducing the impact of air travel on the environment. In a Communication adopted on 27 September 2005, the Commission proposes bringing aircraft operators into the EU’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS), creating a permanent incentive for airlines to minimise their emissions.
  • Commission hosts new Members States aeronautics workshop
    Published on: 21/09/2005
    The recent enlargement of the EU has brought ten new Member States into the European fold, many of which have strong national aeronautics legacies. On 8 September 2005, a major workshop in Brussels addressed how to promote their involvement in European aeronautics and air transport research.
  • Beijing hosts high-level workshop on aeronautics research
    Published on: 20/07/2005
    The EU-China Workshop on Aeronautics Research and Technological Development took place in Beijing on 15 April 2005. The aim was to discuss specific opportunities for co-operation with Chinese aeronautics researchers under European RTD programmes.
  • Research Commissioner addresses aerospace leaders in Toulouse
    Published on: 05/07/2005
    On 23 June 2005, EU Research Commissioner Janez Poto─Źnik met aerospace heavy hitters at the Thales Group to exchange views on research and development, in particular on the new FP7 perspectives.
  • ECARE sponsors SME conference at Paris Air Show
    Published on: 01/07/2005
    The EU-funded ECARE project aims to increase awareness of aeronautics-related activities under the Union’s Research Framework Programme and to encourage the participation of small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). At this year’s Paris Air Show, ECARE participants, EU officials and representatives of both big and small companies met to discuss how to move forward on Europe’s research agenda.
  • Transport sector targets environment at EU ‘Green Week’
    Published on: 10/06/2005
    The demand for mobility is increasing rapidly in Europe and around the globe, with far-reaching implications for citizens, businesses and the environment. On 1 June 2005, high-level personalities discussed how to clean up the transport sector while meeting the needs of people on the move.
  • Airbus giant flies into the history books
    Published on: 27/04/2005
    On 27 April 2004, thousands of plane enthusiasts watched as the Airbus A380, the world's largest ever passenger plane, took off on a successful four-hour test flight. The twin-deck ‘superjumbo’ landed safely in Toulouse, France, after circling the Bay of Biscay.
  • EU-China Aeronautics Workshop to take place in Beijing
    Published on: 08/04/2005
    The EU-China Workshop on Aeronautics Research and Technological Development will take place in Beijing on Friday, 15 April 2005. The aim is to discuss possibilities for co-operation with Chinese aeronautics researchers under European RTD programmes and to identify wider possibilities for collaboration.
  • Aerodays 2005 – Strategic Research Agenda reaches new heights
    Published on: 06/04/2005
    The Advisory Council for Aeronautics Research in Europe (ACARE) presented the second edition of its Strategic Research Agenda (SRA-2) in Brussels on 30-31 March 2005. Two years after the launch of this R&D plan for the aeronautics sector, its scope and ambition has now been refined and expanded to address different future air transport scenarios.
  • ACARE ‘Aerodays’ set for March 2005
    Published on: 28/01/2005
    High-level personalities from the aeronautics industry will meet researchers and European policy-makers in Brussels on 30 and 31 March 2005. The ‘Aerodays’ event is being organised by ACARE, the ‘Advisory Council for Aeronautics Research in Europe’. On the agenda: the new and expanded edition of ACARE’s Strategic Research Agenda.
  • Europe launches Airbus A380
    Published on: 19/01/2005
    The new Airbus A380 super jumbo jet, the world's biggest-ever passenger plane, was unveiled in Toulouse on 18 January 2005, in the presence of some of Europe’s most prominent leaders and more than 5 000 invited guests.
  • EUROAVIA student association – preparing the future aeronautics workforce
    Published on: 22/06/2004
    Ignore aerospace students at your peril, was the message that EUROAVIA tried to get across to industry and policy-makers at the recent ACARE-hosted workshop to consider what measures are needed to ensure the quality aerospace’s future engineering workforce.
  • The future aerospace workforce — ACARE considers university education at Berlin Air Show
    Published on: 02/06/2004
    University students, scientists and industrial representatives gathered on 14 May 2004 in Berlin, at the invitation of the Advisory Council for Aeronautics Research in Europe (ACARE), to consider how to ensure the quality of the future aerospace engineering workforce.
  • Academic vision under discussion during Berlin Air Show
    Published on: 28/05/2004
    On 12-13 May 2004 in Berlin, university scientists and industrial representatives gathered to exchange views and plot the way forward in aeronautical research. The workshop, entitled ‘Academic vision for aeronautical research for tomorrow’, was the fifth in a series organised by EASN, the European Aeronautics Science Network.
  • Berlin Air Show and ‘Merging efforts’ - Russian participation in European research
    Published on: 28/05/2004
    In conjunction with the Berlin Air Show (ILA 2004), Russians and Europeans gathered at a major conference aimed at increasing collaboration in aeronautics research.
  • EU Security Research initiative grabs aeronautics sector's attention
    Published on: 07/05/2004
    Representatives from large and small aeronautics companies across Europe flocked to the Commission's Security Research Information Day in Brussels on 25 March to learn about this unprecedented initiative in European homeland security.
  • Wings over Berlin
    Published on: 07/05/2004
    ILA2004, the Berlin Air Show, is back. From 10-16 May 2004, the brightest stars in aerospace will be strutting their stuff at Europe’s biggest air show. EU activities will highlight international co-operation and education.
  • Commission launches new Aeronautics call for proposals
    Published on: 06/01/2004
    New calls for proposals have been published for the Sixth Framework Programme (FP6) thematic priority area of ‘Aeronautics and Space’. Specifically in the area of Aeronautics, the announcement makes an additional €300 million available for new integrated projects (IPs), networks of excellence (NoEs), specific targeted research projects (STREPs), and coordination actions (CAs).
  • France to hold FP6 ‘Aeronautics and Space’ information day
    Published on: 06/01/2004
    France’s National Centre for Technological Research in Aeronautics and Space (CNRT-AE) has announced that it will hold an information day on 19 January 2004 on the ‘Aeronautics and Space’ thematic priority area of the European Commission’s Sixth Framework Programme (FP6).
  • Russia’s TsAGI battles on amid changes
    Published on: 25/11/2003
    Over the past ten years, sweeping changes have taken their toll on Russia’s once great aerospace industry, with reductions in public funding forcing researchers to look elsewhere for support. Long one of the world’s premier research centres, the Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI) is capitalising on new opportunities for co-operation with global partners, including the European Union.
  • Research Commissioner welcomed at ONERA, Lille
    Published on: 07/11/2003
    Research Commissioner Philippe Busquin received a warm welcome at ONERA’s Lille facility on 4 November 2003, meeting prominent members of the European aerospace research community and pledging continued support for their efforts. The day’s programme included some spectacular demonstrations of technological wizardry at one of Europe’s most advanced aeronautics research centres.
  • European and Russian aeronautics researchers meet in Moscow
    Published on: 27/10/2003
    On 20 and 21 October, as the EU seeks to promote increased Russian participation in the 6th Framework Programme for RTD (FP6), representatives from Europe’s leading aeronautics firms and research institutes met their Russian counterparts to discuss expanding collaboration. The event, co-sponsored by the European Commission and the Russian Aeronautics and Space Agency (Rosaviakosmos) comes in the run-up to next month’s EU-Russia Summit, expected to result in a wide-reaching accord on scientific a...
  • Commission sets out its policies for Europe's aerospace industry
    Published on: 16/10/2003
    The European Commission has presented a Communication on aerospace, identifying the steps needed to improve the political and regulatory framework affecting the competitiveness of this key industry. The Communication is the Commission's response to the analyses and prescriptions of the 'STAR 21' Report, presented by the European Advisory Group on Aerospace in 2002.
  • Fly safe: the European Aviation Safety Agency launched
    Published on: 07/10/2003
    The much-anticipated European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) got underway last month. The Agency will develop know-how in all areas of aviation safety to help the European Union establish common rules for everything from certification of parts and equipment to the licensing of crew members.
  • European aerospace rides out economic turbulence
    Published on: 02/10/2003
    European aerospace weathered stormy economic times in 2002 to register its second most robust performance ever, according to the latest industry figures. Nonetheless, industry umbrella group AECMA recommends that the EU should consolidate its mainstay civil aviation sector while redoubling efforts to boost investment on the defence side of the business.
  • EU-Russia ‘Co-operation in Aeronautics Research’ Workshop set for October 2003
    Published on: 29/09/2003
    Against a backdrop of increasing co-operation between the EU and Russia in industrial research and development, a workshop is now being organised on the opportunities for both European and Russian Aeronautics researchers under the Sixth Framework Programme (FP6).
  • EU publication underscores key issues in aeronautics
    Published on: 15/09/2003
    Of all types of transport, aviation has experienced by far the most growth in recent decades and, on current form, this trend appears likely to continue for the foreseeable future. As vast as the sky may seem, this level of traffic density poses real challenges to policy-makers, such as how to deal with flight delays and concerns about safety and the environment. This according to an EU publication now available in 11 EU languages.
  • All systems checked out in Awiator’s flight test
    Published on: 03/09/2003
    As the skies fill up with all manner of winged vehicles, the aeronautics industry is under pressure to design more advanced, more efficient and more environmentally friendly aircraft. Awiator (Aircraft Wing with Advanced Technology Operation) is a groundbreaking EU-sponsored project aimed at developing new aircraft structures, reducing vortex hazards and structural weight, while improving low speed as well as cruise performance and flight procedures.
  • French facilities test flight safety and security
    Published on: 03/09/2003
    Just as a car manufacturer needs to test structural damage through impact, scientists at Onera in France are combining experimentation and digital simulation to refine their knowledge of structural damage and failure mechanisms in aeronautics. But don’t expect to see any crash test dummies!
  • ONERA, DLR and Airbus sign RTD co-operation agreement
    Published on: 23/07/2003
    Three of Europe’s largest aerospace organisations signed, at this year’s Paris Air Show, an agreement to strengthen their co-operative efforts in Research and Technological Development (RTD).
  • Strong showing for Europe at 2003 Paris Air Show
    Published on: 09/07/2003
    Research Commissioner Philippe Busquin attended the Paris Air Show on 20 June 2003, meeting prominent members of the European aerospace industry and pledging continued support for their efforts. The event comes in the wake of a difficult year for world aviation, but Busquin sees the tide turning.
  • Europe’s Airbus wins award for green manufacturing
    Published on: 25/06/2003
    Airbus has been voted the most environmentally aware aircraft manufacturer at the annual Aircraft Economics Awards.
  • Huge delays in Europe’s airports
    Published on: 25/06/2003
    The total number of flights handled by European carriers has flattened out, but delays in Europe’s airports continue to rise, according to Eurocontrol.
  • New agreement boosts aviation safety in the Balkans
    Published on: 25/06/2003
    An agreement reached between the European Union and Eurocontrol grants €5 million to strengthen aviation and air traffic management in south-eastern Europe.
  • Partnerships and action plans for sustainable aviation
    Published on: 25/06/2003
    This year’s Aviation & the Environment Conference sent a clear message to the aviation industry: cleanup its act! Partnership was the watchword of the event – the way forward is to involve all groups concerned, private and public alike.
  • Concorde killed by mounting competition and costs
    Published on: 25/06/2003
    After almost 34 years of putting chic in the air, Concorde can no longer compete in an era where first class travel is a luxury businesses can’t afford any more.