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  • Personalised travel advice from your pocketexternal link
    <img hspace="5" vspace="5" border="1" align='left' width='100px' style='height:auto;' border="0" src="" alt="Photo of man with smartphone">While many of us are used to checking transport schedules on our smartphones, the i-TOUR app, created by EU-funded researchers, goes much further. It advises which form of transport is most appropriate to get from A to B in large urban areas wherever you are in Europe, and takes into acco...
  • Containers get a redesign to pack more in: Tellibox
    Shipping containers are crucial for European and global trade and yet concerns about capacity and efficiency and potential environmental drawbacks have led for calls for a redesign. Tellibox, an EU funded project, has done exactly that, successfully demonstrating the MegaSwapBox – a 100 metre-cubed container that can be loaded from three sides and is compatible with multiple transport modes.

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