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European technology platforms (ETPs) were set up as industry-led stakeholder forums with the aim of defining medium to long-term research and technological objectives and developing roadmaps to achieve them. Their aim is to contribute to increasing synergies between different research actors, ultimately enhancing European competitiveness.

The Advisory Council for Aeronautics Research in Europe (ACARE):

  • was launched in 2001 by then European Research Commissioner Philippe Busquin;
  • is one of the oldest European Technology Platforms (ETPs);
  • has 39 members, including representatives from EU Member States, EUROCONTROL, the European Commission, the European aeronautics industry and air transport operators;
  • has as its primary mission to define a Strategic Research Agenda (SRA).

ACARE has been and remains a key guiding force in the planning of research under public, private, national and EU programmes. Its Strategic Research Agenda has also served as a major source of input in the formulation of the aeronautics work programme of the Union’s Seventh Research Framework Programme (FP7). Major priorities remain the ‘greening’ of transport, strengthening competitiveness and efficiency, and responding to the increasing demand for mobility and higher safety standards.