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[Last update: 17.08.2000]

Project acronymProject titleProject coordinator
Topic - The functioning of Ecosystems
PROTOS Production and transport of organic solutes: effects of natural climatic variation Jan MULDER, Aas, NO
BERI Bog ecosystem research initiative Nico VAN BREEMEN, Wageningen, NL
DYNAMO Dynamic models to predict and scale-up the impact of environmental change on biogeochemical cycling Robert Charles FERRIER, Aberdeen, UK
TERICA Concerted action for co-ordination of TERI Sten STRUWE, Copenhagen, DK
ETEMA European terrestrial ecosystem modelling activity Iain Colin PRENTICE, Lund, SE
ARTERI Arctic terrestrial ecosystems research initiative: co-ordination of research in European Arctic and Alpine areas William HEAL, Edinburg, UK
ECOMONT Ecological effects of land use changes on European terrestrial mountain ecosystems Alexander CERNUSCA, Innsbruck, Austria
LUCIFER Land use change interactions with fire in Mediterranean landscape José Manuel MORENO, Madrid, ES
CONGAS Biospheric controls on trace gas fluxes in northern wetlands Torben R. CHRISTENSEN, Lund, SE
DART Dynamic response of the forest-tundra ecotone to environmental change Brian HUNTLEY, Durham, UK
MAGEC Modelling agroecosystems under global environmental change Pete SMITH, Rothamsted, UK
CLIMOOR Climate driven changes in the functioning of heath and moorland ecosystems Claus BEIER, Roskilde, DK
GRAMINAE Biosphere- Atmosphere interactions of ammonia with grasslands across Europe Mark SUTTON, Edinburg, UK
SUITE Sulfonates in terrestrial environments Alasdair COOK, Konstanz, DE
Topic - Biodiversity and Environmental Change
CLUE Changing land usage: enhancement of biodiversity and ecosystem development W. H. VAN DER PUTTEN, Heteren, NL
BIODEPTH Biodiversity and ecological processes in terrestrial herbaceous ecosystems: experimental manipulations of plant communities John H. LAWTON, Ascot, UK
GLOBIS Global change and biodiversity in soils Volkmar WOLTERS, Giessen, DE
DEGREE Diversity effects in grassland ecosystems of Europe Volkmar WOLTERS, Giessen, DE
CODEPASS Community complexity and the decomposition process in aquatic systems: an ecosystem approach to manage biodiversity Loreto ROSSI, Roma, IT
LAKES - new URL Long distance dispersal in aquatic key species S. P . RUSHTON, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK


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