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Responsible Research and Innovation

Indicators for promoting and monitoring Responsible Research and Innovation - Report

Publication coverThis report of the Expert Group on Policy Indicators for Responsible Research and Innovation considers options for RRI indicators. It divides such indicators into three sections: I) (good) governance as an overarching principle for R&I networks; II), public engagement, gender equality, science education, open access and ethics, as the five main keys for governance; and III), sustainability and social justice/inclusion as a more general policy goal.

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European citizens positive about scientific and technological innovation, while concerned about impacts on employment and social relationships

Publication coverA new European qualitative study shows that citizens are positive about scientific and technological innovation. Citizens could identify the many associated benefits such as improvements in their quality of life, shown in increased comfort and convenience, better communication means, safer and healthier lives and increased life expectancy. But as much as citizens could identify the positive, they were equally concerned about possible drawbacks of scientific and technological innovation. These drawbacks included privacy and data security concerns, unemployment, growing technological dependency and deskilling, worsening of relationships, social exclusion, a sedentary lifestyle, and effects on the environment.

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Responsible research and innovation

Publication coverThe Directorate-General for Research and Innovation of the European Commission is determined to bridge the gap between the scientific community and society at large. In 2001, the «Science and Society» Action Plan was launched to set out a common strategy to make a better connection between science and European citizens. In 2007, under the 7th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (FP7), «Science and Society» became «Science in Society (SiS)» with the main objective to foster public engagement and a sustained two-way dialogue between science and civil society. This effort is pursued under part V 'Science with and for Society' of Horizon 2020

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Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI), Science and Technology

Special Eurobarometer 401

Publication coverScience and technology have an impact on almost every part of our daily lives. In spite of this there can be a degree of ambivalence about science in our wider society, and past research has shown that there is not always a widespread understanding of science, or scientific methods. This has led to calls for a more open dialogue between scientists, policy makers and the general public

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Options for strengthening responsible research and innovation

Publication coverThis expert group report on the State of Art in Europe on Responsible Research and Innovation has been authored by an interdisciplinary group with experts from science, innovation, economics, law, governance and ethics. It was prepared as an intermediate step in the reflection on future policy initiatives regarding responsible research and innovation (RRI). Currently, various policy discussions are taking place regarding RRI, both inside and outside of the European Commission. In order to provide input to these policy deliberations, this group was asked to reflect specifically on policy options with regard to a possible communication or recommendation from the European Commission on RRI

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A report on Responsible Research & Innovation


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DG Research workshop on Responsible Research &Innovation in Europe (Newsletter)

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What is Already Happening in the Responsible Research & Innovation Area (Questions)

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Main trends related to RRI - Guidelines and Recommendations (GREAT project)

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Why and how to participate in the European Research and Innovation Framework Programme Horizon 2020?
Manual for civil society organisations on how to participate in projects financially supported by Horizon 2020 – published by Fondation Sciences Citoyennes.

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