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Science, economy and society Highlights 2010

Publication coverSocio-economic sciences and humanities, science in society

In 2010 the European Union continued to address the challenges of the Europe 2020 Strategy by funding Research and Innovation and implementing the European Research Area. A key element of this was the funding from the 7th Framework Programme for Research (FP7) devoted to Socio-Economic Sciences and Humanities research (SSH). Research which is an important tool enabling the European Commission to analyse the challenges Europe is facing and to support its development of appropriate policy responses.

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Science, economy and society highlights

Publication coverThe Directorate for Science, Economy and Society is part of the European Commission's Directorate-General for Research. It manages both the Socio-economic Sciences and Humanities (SSH) Programme and the Science in Society (SIS) Programme. The 'Highlights of the Year' publication represents an overview of the many activities conducted by this Directorate in 2009

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Science in society

Project synopses 2007-2008

Publication coverAs a result of the 2007 and 2008 European calls for proposals in the 'Science in Society' research programme, the European Union has invested EUR 52 million and funded 65 projects dealing with issues such as how to ensure a more responsible and open governance of science (ethics, governance, scientific advice, public engagement); how to better include women and young people in the research system; and how to better communicate between the world of research and other components of our societies. This publication presents the synopses of the funded projects and is structured according to the action lines, activities and topics of the Science in Society Work Programme. It will remain a helpful reference for both those willing to exploit the results of these actions as well as for future applicants to the Science in Society programme.

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Gender Equality Policies in Public Research
This report is based on a survey among the members of the Helsinki Group, the Commission’s advisory group on gender, research and innova¬tion. It gives a detailed analysis of the current state-of-play of EU Member States’ and associ¬ated countries’ initiatives for promoting gender equality in research and innovation

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