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Concurrent Design Foresight


Publication coverThis report aims to provide advice on how to develop a modelling tool that can integrate knowledge and data from forward-looking activities like foresight, in a transdisciplinary manner that could be used by policymakers. Concurrent Design Foresight is proposed as a concept that can guide the development of such a modelling tool, enabling real-time interaction with stakeholders through both non-numerical and numerical modelling.

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Biobanks for Europe

A challenge for governance

Publication coverThis expert group report on the ethical and regulatory challenges of international biobank research has been authored by an interdisciplinary group with experts from science, law, governance and ethics. Biobank research is rapidly evolving, and in close interaction with developments in informatics and genomics. The size and breath of the collections of biological samples and associated data that can be assembled has increased exponentially. This opens up a vast range of new options for research and diagnosis, but at the same time also holds an important challenge for the governance of these activities. In this report, the expert group makes specific recommendations for good governance of Biobanks

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Towards responsible research and innovation in the information and communication technologies and security technologies fields

Publication coverThis publication, introduced and edited by René von Schomberg, consists of a series of research articles reflecting on how to proceed towards Responsible Research and Innovation in the Information and Communication Technologies and Security Technology fields. The authors who contributed to this publication are coordinators or participants to major FP7 projects funded under the Science in Society Programme. A total of 10 projects have inspired the authors to reflect and address various governance and ethics issues underlying the responsible development of these new technologies. A deliberative approach to the responsible development of these technologies implies inclusive governance, based on broad stakeholder involvement, public debate and early societal intervention in research and innovation, among other, by means of ethics assessments and various technology and privacy impact assessments

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Governance for Responsible Innovation: Theoretical landscape (GREAT project)

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Gender Equality Policies in Public Research
This report is based on a survey among the members of the Helsinki Group, the Commission’s advisory group on gender, research and innova¬tion. It gives a detailed analysis of the current state-of-play of EU Member States’ and associ¬ated countries’ initiatives for promoting gender equality in research and innovation

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