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Letting the train take the strain
Designed-in improvement of the crash behaviour of railway rolling stock.

  Getting the buzz on quieter vehicles
A practical engineering tool to allow automotive manufacturers to carry out vibroacoustic analysis and reduce noise levels.
  Designing safety and comfort into seats
Advanced design and testing methods to produce safer, more comfortable automotive seats.
  Aluminium strong rival to steel
Investigation of the use of lightweight aluminium alloys to replace steel in automotive body panels.
  The importance of human factors in air safety
Tailor-made training for aircrews, improving the safety of air travel
  Soundproofing aircraft cabins - a challenge for the aeronautics industry
Mathematical models to allow aircraft cabin soundproofing to be included at the design stage
  Even more reliable rail transport
Improvements in the safety levels of high speed railway carriages
Children restraint systems: a matter of priority
More reliable testing of belts, seats and other safety systems for very young passengers.
  Intelligent roads
Following an analysis of the various factors responsible for traffic researchers came up with a likely suspect. And the number one culprit? Speed.
  Planes on the move
A decentralised and automated system should significantly improve the efficiency of air traffic - on the ground.
  Cargo tracking and tracing
Here is a goods transport tracking system of particular benefit to intermodal transport.