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Moulding the future
Novel casting technology for the production of complex aluminium alloy automotive and aerospace components.

  Better water-based paints
Improved quality (better looking, more durable), environmentally friendly (solvent-free) water-based paints.
  Stronger, longer-lasting tyres
Coatings to improve adhesion between steel and rubber in automotive tyres, improving tyre performance and raising safety levels.
  New light on liquid crystals
Development of novel liquid crystal materials for opto-electronics applications.
  Non-destructive testing at 800 C
Piezoceramic materials used to produce non-destructive test probes for hot (800C) steel plates and pipes.
  Accurate, affordable pH control
State of the art pH monitoring and control systems, at an affordable price for SMEs
  Robotic miner brings economic and environmental benefits
Robotic mining system for use by potash producers, bringing economic and environmental benefits.
  Robot system improves analysis
Robotic systems to prepare samples for X-ray spectrometric tests. The steel and other industries will benefit.
  Thermal eye watches weld quality
A method of assessing the quality of steel welds, using optical pyrometer technology.
  Resin film keeps rust at bay
Designed-in improvement of the crash behaviour of railway rolling stock.
  Biosensors - ripe results
Biosensors monitor fruit ripeness
  Hot measurements
Developing new types of thermocouples used in industrial processes