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Brighter, cheaper electric light
New phosphor coatings for fluorescent lamps, allowing greater luminescence and improved production processes.

  Right recipe for food producers
New software to enable rapid rescheduling of batch production processes in the food manufacturing industry.
  Health check for gas turbines
Computer based, quasi real time diagnostics systems to monitor the condition of gas turbines in situ.
  Simultaneous engineering
Intuitive software which combines design, planning and manufacturing management functions for engineering components.
  Structural safety at sea
New rules for safer ship design based on uncertainty analysis of existing computer modelling methods.
  The missing link in engineering design
Interface for different component design programmes allowing various design tasks to be achieved automatically and concurrently.
  Fast-track from design to model
Computer controlled stero-lithography techniques, allowing rapid production of automotive prototype parts.
  Using AI intelligently
Case based learning artificial intelligence systems, improving pulp and paper manufacturing processes.
  What a superconducting line-up!
Composite Reaction Texturing (CRT) technology to produce high temperature superconducting ceramics.

Improved process planning for SMEs
"Self learning" software enabling engineering SMEs to produce more accurate delivery time and cost estimates.

  Assembling technology in 48 hours
Development, evaluation and dissemination of new test methods for electronic components.
  CAD support for assembly designers
Software to enable faster, more accurate construction of engineering components, using standard parts.
  Support for requalification for engineering applications
Software "toolbox" for engineers assessing the state of ageing civil and industrial engineering structures.
  Cutting the cost of recycled aluminium
A high efficiency, economical, environmentally friendly remelting technique to recover used aluminium.
  Turning water into gold
Analysis techniques for detecting low but economically extractable - levels of gold in streams and natural springs.
  An end to misty eyes
Standard methods for testing the fogging resistance of industrial eye protectors.
  Targets set for boiler companies
Standardised gas boiler test procedures in support of EC directives on fuel efficiency.
  Taking a new view on fuel injectors
Laser pattern analysis of fuel injection in gas turbines, helping maximise fuel efficiency and minimise pollution.
  Surface inspection goes on line
Digital imaging technology in the real-time quality assessment of continuously produced flat steel strip.
  Microwave heating of samples
A patented, microwave-based system for dissolution and digestion of multiple laboratory samples.
  Training European researchers in microtechnology skills
Forming a micromachine technology industrial training network for European researchers
  Making advanced production technology accessible to small firms
Dedicated software to allow SMEs to use CAD/CAM technology in mould design and production
  Custom-made management software for SMEs
A productivity-improving computerised production management tool for SMEs
  A new "clean" process for leather tanning
The chemical industry offers leather processors cleaner tanning chemicals and processes
  The strengths of metal testing
V-notch Charpy evaluation of metal impact toughness
  Go with the flow...
Accurate air flow meters for monitoring pollution
  A smart pack of cards
Testing the reliability of smart cards
  On-line measurements for microelectronics
On-line metal contamination measurements in microelectronics production
  Paving the way
Abrasion resistance testing of concrete road construction materials
  Quick fix for robots
On-line expert system for diagnosing imminent faults in robotic equipment
  Controlling coating quality
Test methods for monitoring the quality of thin, hard protective coatings
  A quick way to measure
New ellipsometer designs to assess metal surface properties
  Asbestos: A little too much?
Reliable observation of asbestos levels in bulk materials
  Constructing better standards
European standards for aggregates used in civil engineering projects
  More certain measurements for industry
Quality control of industrial goods using Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs)
  Wire measurements - Europe leads the way
Diameter control of ultra-thin industrial wires and fibres
  Putting geotextile tests on common ground
Testing the performance of geotextiles
  Common standards for concrete tests
Standards for testing concrete properties
  Lighting the way - tests for upholstered furniture
Designed-in fire resistance for upholstered furniture
  Detecting appliance defects
On-line defect detection in household appliances
  Identifying noises - something to shout about
Identifying and monitoring noise pollution sources
  Optimising optical fibres
Systems for characterising the optical properties of fibre optics and their starting materials
  Getting to grips with glass analysis
Comparing contaminant measurements in the glass manufacturing industry
  Tainted toys - helping reduce the risk
Removing toxic components of paints used on children's toys
  Better food processing control
Spectroscopic techniques to monitor starch behaviour in processed foods
  Guiding the way for on-line gas analysis
On-line monitoring of hazardous gases and vapours in the workplace
A face lift for our cultural heritage
Designed to clean historic monuments, the Lama laser tool is gentle with the materials it is used on.
Goldsmith goes high-tech
Laser beams can help goldsmiths to manufacture high fashion jewellery at mass-production prices.
The robot with a hidden agenda
A museum model of a dinosaur may become the ancestor of a new line of all-terrain vehicles.
More than skin deep
Harder-wearing metal surfaces are just what car-makers, chemical manufacturers and precision engineers have been looking for.
A touch of gloss
High-performance procedures for making enamel tiles much more resistant - without lessening their shine.
Burning issue of composite materials
The technique of transfer moulding is a way of making fire-resistant composites.
New materials to treat cutaneous wounds
A biodegradable matrix serving as a support for dermal and epidermal cells to be used in skin grafts.
  Plasma conquering the textile industry
Plasma meets textiles. The advantages of plasma technologies are now available in a new industrial field.
Driving by wire
The benefits of technology transfer: computer intelligence from the aeronautics industry are being used to improve car safety and comfort.
  Researchers to rescue heritage
Better knowledge of ancient materials allows us to preserve works of art and avoid damaging attempts at restoration.
When competition rhymes with precision
A number of European partners (in particular Polish, Belarusian and Ukrainian SMEs) are working on the development of a laser interferometer.