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A giant wind turbine makes its mark in Denmark
A giant electricity-producing wind turbine has been built in Denmark, and now produces 3,500 MWh per year of sustainable energy

  The green alliance of coal and biomass
Organic waste and coal gasification products are combined to produce a less polluting new fuel
  A reliable, efficient tool for storing natural gas
A new type of motorised compressor, used for the efficient storage of natural gas
  Trapping the radioactivity of nuclear waste
Compounds to eliminate radioactivity from waste products formed in reprocessing spent nuclear fuel
  Ever more sophisticated robots for nuclear power stations
Ultra-sophisticated robots to carry out handling operations in nuclear power plant high risk areas
  Nuclear fusion: the long quest for the energy of the stars
International cooperation in the development of nuclear fusion technology
New role for farmers in "green" fuel production
An innovative reaction turns biomass into biofuel.
"Hot module" points the way to affordable fuel cells
A powerful mobile generator makes use of the most recent fuel cell technologies.
JET, mission accomplished
Thermonuclear fusion might satisfy two criteria for the energy supply of tomorrow: sustainability and respect for the environment.
The new alliance between conventional and renewable energies
Through rational management of different energy types, certain renewable energy sources can be maximised.
  Better prospects for solar energy
A major improvement in the performance of photovoltaic systems should reduce the cost of solar energy.
  Running on air and water
Hydrogen and oxygen are the two raw materials for the fuel cell that powers this car. Its only exhaust product is water.