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Detecting ice formation on planes


The HAIC project is the most international project ever undertaken in aeronautics research, involving the EU, US, Canada, Australia and Russia. The project includes aeronautical companies, research actors, meteorological agencies and regulatory authorities. HAIC will increase the understanding of how ice accumulates on the heated parts of commercial planes, which has caused numerous incidents worldwide. The project will develop new detection systems by replicating the harsh, icy conditions on the ground and by conducting flight tests.

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Automated 'road trains' to give drivers total freedom

highways in town

The SARTRE project has developed a 'road train' concept in which cars travel close behind a lead vehicle that transmits steering and braking instructions that the cars automatically and instantaneously follow. With their hands free, drivers can read the newspaper, eat a meal, send e-mails or watch television – or just sit back and enjoy the ride.

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