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Increasing the competitiveness of transport and aeronautics

Transport research aims to develop greener, safer and smarter pan-European transport systems that will benefit all citizens, while reducing environmental impact and increasing the competitiveness of European industries.

EU funding in 2011
€ 497.06 million

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This activity contributes to the Europe 2020 Flagship Initiatives "Innovation Union", "Resource Efficient Europe" and "Industrial Policy for the Globalisation Era".

In 2012 transport research investigated lower fuel consumption, the use of alternative fuels, the manufacture of lighter and quieter vehicles and aircraft, improved manufacturing techniques, innovative materials, logistics, co-modality and increasing infrastructure capacity. Emphasis was placed on policy-driven research related to the Intelligent Transport Systems Action Plan and to the European Green Cars Initiative (EGCI). Support was also provided to the Single European Transport Area foreseen by the Transport White Paper. International cooperation helped enhance the global competitiveness of the European transport industry and services sector via joint calls with Russia and Japan.

A report was produced by an expert group on the Marine Research Infrastructure, while a brokerage event brought together regional decision makers and researchers. The last FP7 call under this activity was designed to ensure a smooth transition towards Horizon 2020. The 'Clean Sky' Joint Technology Initiative (JTI) published 13 calls for proposals by the end of 2012.

Thanks to targeted incentive measures for SMEs in the 2011 and 2012 calls, more SMEs were encouraged to take the lead in research projects. More than 48% of the EU's financial contribution in this category was provided to industry and almost 18% to SMEs.