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Science at the service of Europe

Science in society

Responding to societal challenges

Science in Society (SiS) aims to make the European Research Area (ERA) more responsive to the needs and aspirations of the European society as defined in Europe 2020.

EU funding in 2012
€ 46.02 million

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The societal challenges addressed include ethical principles, promotion of gender equity, public engagement with science and technology, responsible innovation, the importance of attracting young people to S&T careers and better conditions for the use of science.

The SiS activity focuses on the relationships between societal actors involved in the Research and Innovation process. It provides an adequate framework for their engagement in future societal challenges.

Major policy contributions were made in 2012 to the Communication and Recommendation on scientific information, the gender aspects of the ERA Communication and the implementation of the 'Women in Research and Innovation' campaign launched in June.

In 2012 several evaluations of this activity were carried out: an interim evaluation, an assessment of future options for SiS, a report from the Responsible Research and Innovation expert group and a report of the Workshop on Mutual Mobilisation and Learning Actions' future development.