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Smart windows for greater performance


The main goal of the WINSMART project is the development of a 'smart window' system to help meet the energy-efficiency targets of the building industry. The project offers the potential to improve the insulation performance to two to five times that of a double-glazed pane, while providing an extremely slim and lightweight solution. It will also offer improved control functions, including switchable optical properties and exterior surface protection (anti-fogging, easy to clean, scratch resistant, etc.).

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A breakthrough in the battle against secondary tumours


90% of cancer related deaths are caused not by the primary tumour, but by secondary cancers that develop elsewhere in the body. These secondary cancers are caused by 'circulating tumour cells' (CTCs), which travel in the bloodstream. A recent European research project, CAMINEMS, has brought hope to cancer patients by developing tools based on microfluidics and nanotechnologies. These tools greatly enhance the medical profession's ability to detect, capture, analyse – and ultimately treat – these cells.

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