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Paving the way for personalised medicine

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The BBMRI-LPC project unites the large prospective cohorts (LPC) of the Bio-Banking and Bio-Molecular Research Infrastructure and the International Agency for Research on Cancer. LPCs are collections of data on initially healthy participants over several years or decades. They are crucial for studying contributing factors to disease, paving the way for personalised medicine. The project will standardise procedures, improve access to samples and allow integrated research across different cohorts.

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Deep-sea research observatories

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The EMSO project was identified by ESFRI in its 2006 Roadmap as providing an essential new infrastructure. It consists of deep sea observatories that will provide both real-time and long-term observations of very episodic events, such as earthquakes, underwater volcanoes and tsunamis, as well as essential ecosystem parameters. Such new research opportunities are essential for understanding the impact of climate change, preserving marine ecosystems and mitigating natural hazards.

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