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Nuclear fission and radiation protection

Utilising nuclear fission and radiation safely

This activity contributes not only to Europe's energy challenge but also to health and safety (through radiation protection and the safe use of radiation). It mainly contributes to the Europe 2020 Flagship Initiative "Innovation Union".

EU funding in 2012
€ 54.31 million

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nuclear plant

In 2012, Euratom partners were given the possibility to purchase access rights to 2% of the functioning time of the Jules Horowitz Reactor (JHR) being built by the Commissariat à l'Énergie Atomique (CEA) in Cadarache, France. Negotiations were also concluded on NUSHARE, an education and training initiative that aims to share and foster a culture of nuclear safety in different nuclear installations.

An on-going interdisciplinary study, 'Benefits and limitations of nuclear fission for a low carbon economy', involved experts in energy, economics and social science. The study will contribute to a 2013 symposium co-organised by the Commission and the European Economic and Social Committee. The results of the symposium will then be used as input for the discussions on Horizon 2020 at preparatory meetings of the Council of the EU.