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Second generation bioenergy demonstartion projects

green fuel

The BESTF project is an ERA-NET Plus initiative which will finance industrial demonstration projects as part of the implementation of the SET-Plan on Bioenergy. The project is the first of its kind oriented towards the objective of Horizon 2020. It aims to develop joint programming with Member States on high-cost/high-impact projects and will contribute significantly to the deployment of second generation bioenergy technologies by 2020.

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Lowering the cost of carbon dioxide capture

power plant

The objective of the DECARBit project, concluded in 2012, was to improve pre-combustion technologies that can lower the cost of CO2 capture in power plants to €15/tonne CO2. Experimental investigation of a number of technologies and the testing of the two most promising in pilot-scale units led to the development of a technology that can decrease the 'energy penalty' of capturing CO2 from 10 to 6.5%. While the €15/tonne CO2 target was not achieved, the cost of capture was still significantly lowered.

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