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Energy research for a secure and safe future

Research in this area aims to increase energy security, decarbonise energy systems and increase the competitiveness of industry.

EU funding in 2012
€ 195.18 million

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The Strategic Energy Technology Plan ("SET-Plan") supports EU energy and climate policy and contributes to the Europe 2020 Flagship Initiatives "Innovation Union", "Resource Efficient Europe" and "Industrial Policy for the Globalisation Era".

Under the SET-Plan, a series of European Industrial Initiatives (EIIs) with the private sector address carbon capture and storage (CCS), smart electricity grids and solar, wind and bioenergy. Progress on these EIIs was noted in 2012. In the case of the CCS EII it included an updated Implementation Plan for 2013-2015. Under the Smart Grids EII, work focused on the integration, at system level, of existing power technologies. A research agenda oriented towards medium- to long-term technology was published, while the 2012 Energy Call focused on developing technical and organisational smart grid solutions.