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Science at the service of Europe

Innovative procurement for sustainability

picture of the earth planet with a big town and a highway

The TRANS-FORM project will apply proven and emerging methodologies for innovative procurement to the complex area of sustainable transport in cities. The aim is to facilitate collaborative procurement through projects that have sufficient critical mass to transform markets. It is hoped that this will speed up progress towards the ultimate goal of sustainable zero carbon transport systems. The project team consists of authorities from four Member States.

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Towards effective R&I investments

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The GLOVAL project, concluded in 2012, focused on global value chains (GVCs) as an emerging challenge for Research and Innovation policies. GVCs are the full range of activities required to bring a product from conception to end use and beyond. The participating organisations analysed the best Research and Innovation policies for business, research and technology organisations. They also looked at universities that are already rooted in GVCs having many activities located abroad. The project offered policymakers and practitioners practical tools for appraising public Research and Innovation investments.

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