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Reducing temperature fluctuations in buildings

building under constructiont

The BATIMASS project will investigate how to increase the thermal inertia of steel structures in order to reduce variations in the internal temperatures of buildings. Other measures to be assessed include embedding water pipes in composite floor slabs and using temperature sensitive materials of light steel construction. Findings will be relevant for commercial buildings that use energy for cooling and residential buildings that control overheating in insulated but lightweight materials.

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Analysing corrosion factors at power plants


The OXYCORR project, concluded in 2012, determined critical corrosion parameters for the operation of innovative, highly efficient, CO2-free, oxy-fuel power plants. The research team evaluated the material-related limitations on boiler performance and lifetime. The aim was to determine the usability of advanced and conventional boiler materials to enhance plant efficiency and reduce maintenance costs. Corrosion tests were carried out at laboratory and industrial level and at two different temperatures.

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