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Research fund for Coal and Steel

Supporting coal and steel research

Though coal and steel remain key global industrial sectors, they are subject to fierce worldwide competition and raise serious environmental concerns. Research and Innovation have a key role to play in addressing these concerns. The sectors are supported through the research of the Research Fund for Coal and Steel (RFCS).

EU funding in 2012
€ 55.71 million

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The RFCS is financed through interests generated by the residual assets of the former European Coal and Steel Community and is managed separately from the Framework Programme. It runs open calls for projects with a 'bottom-up approach; more than 70% of its research budget covers all aspects of the production and use of steel, while the rest covers mine safety and the environmental impact of coal, notably CO2 emissions.

A draft Monitoring and Assessment report on the RFCS was discussed at the end of 2012 with a view to publication in 2013. It provides convincing evidence of the relevance of the RFCS to the European coal and steel industry and is expected to have an impact on the management of the programme.

Positive results have been achieved in 2012, which shows the capacity of the RFCS to attract quality proposals from a good balance of participants, including industry, research institutions and universities.