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The future of mobility is even greener

The future of mobility in Europe depends on our ability to successfully overcome key challenges such as pollution, scarcity of fossil fuels and increasing urbanisation.

EU funding in 2011
€ 432.91 million

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In accordance with the White Paper on Transport, European transport research is striking a balance between tackling today's major societal challenges and enhancing economic growth. Thanks to research and innovation funded by the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7), the EU is developing transport technologies and solutions that are greener, more efficient, smarter, safer and more socially inclusive. This will lead to a more sustainable European transport system and bring innovative products and services closer to the market.

The public-private partnership European Green Cars Initiative (EGCI), for instance, focuses on energy efficiency in road transport. Based on the roadmaps for electro-mobility, long distance road haulage and logistics, the EGCI is implementing projects that are already showing promising results. During 2011, eleven new projects were successfully negotiated.

Air transport research efforts are oriented towards cleaner, safer, more time efficient and competitive aircrafts. Published in 2011, the first interim evaluation of the Clean Sky Joint Undertaking (CS JU) positively assessed the quality and efficiency of the JU and its progress towards realising innovative and environmentally friendly technologies in civil air transport.